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Biography of Champions

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In which I chronicle the rise of my future metagame team members: Fantominus, Karen, Death Metal, Torchic, and Ruri.

It all started two days ago, when I got a French Gastly in a trade - he had perfect Sp. Attack and Speed IVs, and I think his IVs overall were also pretty good. He didn't have a nickname, but he was still cool.

Then, I read somewhere that Sniper Kingdra have had great use. I already had a perfectly EV-trained, Modest, shiny Seadra named Donna Noble (now going by her stage name, Karen.) With a little help from Octy, she evolved into a nice purple Kingdra. Now, I'm just walking with her until she's happy enough to learn Draco Meteor.

Next came Scyther, Adamant Technician thanks to one of my Synchronize Gardevoir. (I bred a ton of them just for occasions like this.) Again, Octy helped me to evolve him. Unfortunately, it couldn't learn Bug Bite, so I had to substitute it with X-Scissor. Death Metal is so far the only member of the team to a) be fully EV-trained, b) have all the right moves, and c) is fully evolved.

Next came Ruri the Marill, bred to be practically perfect by Fennel. He's got the usual Superpower/Belly Drum/Aqua jet set with a Sitrus Berry, you know how it is. I'm currently leveling him up so he can learn Rough Play and later evolve. Fully EV-trained, he has very few speed EVs, so he could also work in my Trick Room team. He's one of my favorite members so far, a real hard worker.

The event Torchic doesn't have great IVs or an Adamant or Jolly nature, but he works. The Outrage made a good point about regular Blaziken probably being better than Mega Blaziken, which works out well because my Mega's gonna be Gengar. Also, I like having him aboard to trick people into thinking that he might be the team's Mega.

I was gonna use Salamence as my final member, but I found out I had to breed for Dragon Dance. Which is a shame, because it had a perfect nature, its IVs were great, and it had perfect Attack and Speed IVs. Anyone got suggestions on who I should use with the rest of my team?

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  1. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    I had no idea you battled competitively! Fantastic cast of Pokemon you have there. :P
  2. Peaceful Giraffe's Avatar
    It seems like you need an 'annoying' pokemon to lay spikes and stealth rock and stuff. Try a smeargle or ferrothorn?
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    At first by team members I thought you meant people. What is the point of a pokeman guild anywho
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    @Bubble Frog; What can I say? I may not be good at it, but I can at least make people feel skilled in comparison.

    @Peaceful Giraffe; I want to train a Ferrothorn, since I used one on Pokemon Online and it was great. I just need a Friend Safari with a Ferrothorn.
    @Wyvernphlare; The guild is for the best, most skilled Pokemon ever, that's the point!


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