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The Best and Worst of Grass Pokemon

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Zeb suggested Grass, and he posted it first. (technically Digimon was posted first, but I'll get to that later.) Fire might be next, unless two or more people vote for another type and overrule Shiny Blaze.

Grass is not the most amazing type, but it does have solid designs all around. It was hard finding one I really disliked, and most of the reasons were petty. (Like Cherrim's nice form always being covered up by its ugly...thing.)

The Best

Honorable mentions: Hoppip, Serperior, Lilligant, Swadloon

Looks: Cool delinquent with a giant pompadour? It wears pants? That white fluffy thing? Come on, this guy is so cool.

Strength: I always found myself giving them a different moveset every time I played it, though it usually ends up with an all-physical moveset. It's nothing spectacular, but it's fun and gets the job done. It moves fast, it's not bad at attacking, and it does it with style.

Why I like it: A great look and fun to use in battle.

Other: Serperior comes in a close, close second. Hoppip was a childhood favorite of mine.

The Worst

Honorable Mentions: Celebi

Looks: For a yeti-tree-ice monster-thing, it's pretty bland and uninteresting. Like many gender differences, Abomasnow's are rather boring and not that noticeable. Ice types often come in three colors - white, light blue, and dark blue. This is white, its hands and feet are green (but look a little like some weird light blue) and its shiny form has dark blue. It's like, the most average Ice type ever. :/ And as a Grass type, it can't compete with all the bright colors or unique designs the other Pokemon have.

Strength: Seven weaknesses and a double weakness to Fire. Coupled with its rather unimpressive speed and a disappointingly lame-looking Mega, it's not something I want to use again any time soon. I used it once, and it was a forgetful experience.

Why I dislike it: Bleh.

Other: Nuzleaf was almost on the list, because I have to freaking level it up to high for Extrasensory, which its evolution doesn't get. But then I remembered that it had visible nipples and started laughing at it. I couldn't stay mad at Nuzleaf.

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  1. Eleven's Avatar
    Liked for the Nuzleaf comment. XD

    I have a shiny Nuzleaf, Snover, Simisage, Lilligant, and Swadloon. U jelly?
  2. Zeb's Avatar
    Cherrim's nice form always being covered up by its ugly...thing.
    I hear ya.

    Aw man, I love Abomasnow. Mega Abomasnow has a really good design imo and I prefer it to regular Aboma. The weaknesses are lame tho, I gotta admit to that. Just a day in the life of an Ice-type I guess :/

    Also Nuzleaf's hands look waaaaaay too oversized in XY. Looks dumb.
  3. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
    Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.
  4. Lorde's Avatar
    Simisage is better than Abomasnow??
    You feeling okay?
  5. Groudon's Avatar
    I agree with your choice for the worst. Simisage however, looks a bit bland in my opinion.
  6. Flandey's Avatar
    Ive always been a fan of the Grass type starters (not much of a fan of Chespin though) and Sceptile is my favorite. Too bad Grass types have so many weaknesses...
  7. Karamazov's Avatar
    Haters of the green pants, everywhere.
  8. Sunburn's Avatar
    The pans and simis always felt lame and pretty bland to me. There are more interesting grass types out there like sceptile and exeggutor.


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