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The Best and Worst of Fire Pokemon

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The Best

Honorable mentions: Quilava

Looks: Oh boy, just what I wanted: another Pokemon with porn everywhere. I can hardly contain myself. :\ Unlike Braixen and Delphox though, I think Emboar made the perfect balance between humanlike and animal, though that's probably because the Fighting type allows for more leeway. But it's still pretty animal-like, pretty badass, and pretty adorable. Pigs are also really good animals to work with.

Strength: The deciding factor between Quilava and Emboar. Emboar has a much wider movepool to play around with. That Fighting typing is a big influence on that. I've also trained several Emboar, and they've all been great additions to the team. Too bad its speed and defenses hamper it so much, but on the plus side, that bad speed earned it a place on my Trick Room team.

Why I like it: It looks cool, it's pretty solid in battle, and it's always reliable.

Other: I don't think Emboar took the jump to 3D well. I prefer how it looks in Gen V.

The Worst

Honorable Mentions: Pyroar, Delphox, Magby

Looks: It wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't Fennekin's evo. Aside from being too human-like and having skinny twig limbs, its ear hair is so ugly and misshapen. At least Delphox fixed that. That being said, I like the witch angle it's developing.

Strength: I never used it and I never will. I only had one for the National Dex. When I faced it in battle, it either went down easy to Pangoro or Azumarill.

Why I dislike it: I don't like the fact that it's so human-like. I dislike how it's also so feminine, which I don't like on Pokemon with 7:1 gender ratios. It might have been able to pull off the girly angle well if the anthro-ness wasn't messing it up. Lilligant is probably the perfect example of a feminine Pokemon who balances gender and design well, becoming a beautiful plant person. Braixen just looks like a bad fox fursona.

Other: I chose Pyroar over Delphox because I want to use Delphox for my least favorite starter. But then I decided to use Braixen here because Pyroar's female form is a lot better than all of them.

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  1. BadAssKoala's Avatar
    Yea! This is by far my favorite best and worst you've done so far! I agree, I love emboar he's just so cool. I do have to disagree that braixen is the worst through, as in my opinion Delphox is much worse. It looks like a terrible fakemon. I prayed it was fake when it leaked and was very disappointed when it was declared official. Like you said in your best and worst of steel braixen has the potential to evolve into something cool, while delphox is a ugly mess.
  2. Evil Figment's Avatar
    You're fired again.
  3. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    Good choices. I like Emboar although it has nothing on Blaziken ^-^ Braixen/Delphox I don't even want to waste words on. I think you worded it pretty well.
  4. Magnetic Eyes's Avatar
    I agree for once,Emboar is awesome.
  5. Xita's Avatar
    Not a fan of Emboar, and I also think Delphox looks way worse than Braixen.
  6. Master Mew's Avatar
    I like Braixen. :<

    I think the whole Fennekin line would have been fantastic if it hadn't been cursed with the starter gender ratio.
    Updated 21st March 2014 at 11:26 PM by Master Mew
  7. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Figment
    You're fired again.
    Can I take his place, my liege?
  8. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    I agree with you about Emboar. The poor guy got quite a bit of a backlash when it first came out. While Blaziken is top... er... bird to me, Emboar really needs a bit more credit, as it probably had the widest move pool of all the Starters (at least Gen V, anyway). But I'll have to disagree about Braixen. Sure, it's a bit on the girly side (especially considering the starters' natural gender ratio), but I like the Fennekin line very much, and it did introduce a very interesting concept (witches/mages). In my book, the worst Fire-type is Magmar... which I don't have any real nice things to say about, but I won't say it here.
  9. Sunburn's Avatar
    The Fennekin line goes from "eh" to "creepy as fuck" in just two jumps. Delphox is just plain freakish.


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