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The Best and Worst of Dragon Pokemon

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The Best

Honorable mentions: Druddigon

Looks: Probably one of the best-designed pseudos, in my opinion. It's terrifying, yet so cool. Its design screams "Dragon!" and "evil!" And its atrophied little stub legs are cute.

Strength: It's fast, it hits hard, and it has a very wide movepool. It's so fun to play around with, and I find myself giving it different moves every time I use it.

Why I like it: What made me choose Hydreigon over Druddigon was that I used Hydreigon a lot more on my teams. I'll try and use Druddigon when I can, but it's more fun raising a baby Deino into a Hydreigon, and the whole line's very useful. I also really love the creative turn this line goes: it starts off blind,and goes crazy when it gains vision. The fact that one or two brains probably die in the creation of Hydreigon makes it even cooler.

Other: Fairy.

The Worst

Honorable mentions: Gabite, Bagon

Looks: God darn it, there's way too much smut of this Pokemon, I can't even use Safe Search without finding some weird fetish attached to it. At least someone's appreciating Goodra's design, because I think it's a disappointing finish for Goomy's line. I really wish they kept it more like a goopy snail monster, or a different kind of dragon. Goomy and Sliggoo were so different from other Dragons, and then this thing just conforms to the norms. It's too much like an uglier, gooey Dragonite.

Strength: Every time I face it, it just goes down quickly. That physical defense keeps this thing from lasting long. They're basically my Klefki's bitch when it lets out Play Rough. Looking at its ability, Hydration, it might work well on a weather team. I don't use weather teams. Gooey might work if I put some defense EVs in there, but I prefer Sticky Web. (I rarely run into Defog or Rapid Spinner teams, anyway.) And that pure typing, while not bad, isn't that appealing to me. Overall, it doesn't really interest me battle-wise.

Why I dislike it: It's an extremely disappointing turn for an interesting and different Dragon line. The single typing is also pretty boring, even if it's a first among pseudo-legends.

Other: Worst pseudo ever.

What next, guys?

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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Do Digimon.
  2. Zeb's Avatar
    I love Hydreigon (and Druddy, too). My favourite Dragon is Dragalge though. It's beautiful.

    Also I dislike Goodra too, for similar reasons you have with its "looks + why I dislike it". I would say it's my least favourite Dragon. Probably. Although Palkia exists too.

    Do Grass next.
  3. Norzan's Avatar
    They should have made Goodra Dragon/Fairy or Dragon/Water. The only dissapointing thing about Goodra is its design, the design of the other pseudo dragons are so badass and they look like they might rip your head off if you piss them off, Goodra looks like it might just hug you.
    Updated 19th March 2014 at 01:09 PM by Norzan
  4. Eleven's Avatar
    I love Druddigon~ I approve, Contrary.
  5. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I agree except Druddigon is on the reverse point on the spectrum.
  6. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Salamence is definitely the worst dragon pokemon. It is fat, ugly, stupid, has stupid looking wings and a dumb tail and face. It has the face of an idiotic catfish. Its wings are so red and dumb they look like they're made out of playdough.
    Updated 20th March 2014 at 10:06 AM by Karamazov
  7. Lorde's Avatar
    Hydreigons the best?
  8. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    My favourite Dragon-type and second-favourite Pokémon actually is Haxorus, although I really like Hydreigon too.

    And ehh.... I agree Goodra is just very disappointing for a Pseudo, also for a Dragon-design, not to mention it screams nasty fanart.... which also comes up when you search for Goodra unfortunately

    Would love to see Fire next.
  9. Xita's Avatar
    Hydreigon FTW.
  10. Sunburn's Avatar
    Salamence has grown on me for some reason, but Hydreigon is pretty great, and I like Tyrantrum the most out of any Gen 6 Pokemon, which was very disappointing as a whole imo. Goodra is basically case in point for this, they certainly could have come up with something better than that as the final evolution.
  11. Silverwynde's Avatar
    I'd like Goodra if Goomy did have such an insane fan following. Don't believe me? Hop on Wonder Trade and you'll get at least two or more Goomy that you didn't want/need. I'm being very serious.

    Never used Hydreigon but I love Druddigon; it's my second favorite Dragon type after Palkia. Yes, I like my Dragons a bit weird looking.
  12. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    Yeah, Hydreigon's are cool. One of the few non-legend dragons I actually like and raise. Weakness be damned.

    Goodra should've been Dragon/Fairy (but then again, a lot of Pokemon should have been given the Fairy label) and is as bad as Dragonite in terms of looks. Still with it caught me off guard in a local battle a while back when it (with all its water love) slapped me with a Flamethrower. Went down very fast and hard upon the next turn though.

    Luv, luv, luvs Goomy though.
  13. Neosquid's Avatar
    I like Goodra. But I am willing to overlook that due to my diehard love for Hydreigon. <3


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