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Almost there...

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I need just three more Pokemon to complete the Unova Dex in Black 2. I just need Skitty, Rufflet (which I'll trade in from White), and Bronzong. Currently I'm in Black City's stupid tower thing, trying to get to the guy who has a Bronzong. I know I can find one in the wild, but I want to get that shiny Gible from Benga. I have no idea how to get the Skitty. Guess I'll wait a few months to find in in White 2.

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  1. Ebail's Avatar
    Geez, this blog makes me feel like I've been slacking since you're this far, and I only beat the E4 this morning. Stinking work. Totally worth it to have that level 70 Lucario going in there though.
  2. Zeb's Avatar
    The Black Tower is really cool I think. Much better than the Battle Tower or Subway etc.

    I've only managed to clear six floors on my Japanese game because the levels started getting too high for me xD
  3. Zero-Suit Lugion's Avatar
    Skitty's in the Castelia Park, same as Eevee.
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    @Lugion; Only in White 2.
  5. Zero-Suit Lugion's Avatar
    I know. I thought you meant that.

    I really need to stop posting when my mind is on break.
  6. Karamazov's Avatar
    Ha, no worries.


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