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My being, according to Blue Pyramid

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You know, I've been here for close to a month and haven't yet touched this blog feature. Time to rectify that, I reckon. The first entry would normally be a good place to do introductions, but, in an effort to be truly objective about myself, rather than write a personal biography I'm simply going to copy and paste Blue Pyramid's opinion of me, based on my answers to the questions on my site. They've assessed my personality and matched me up to two different books, an animal, two countries, a US state and a woman world leader.


You're Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

You're really into poetry and the interpretation thereof. Along the road of life, you have had several identity crises which make it very unclear who you are, let alone how to interpret poetry. You probably came from a foreign country, but then again you seem foreign to everyone in ways unrelated to immigration. Most people think you're quite funny, but maybe you're just sick. Talking to you ends up being much like playing a round of the popular board game Clue.


You're Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Inventive, clever, and perhaps too creative for your own good, you are widely admired. While most around you believe that science can only offer unmitigated improvement of their lives, you show them another side to technological advancement that is dangerous and downright scary. While this may sound like you're regressive and even retrograde, it really demonstrates that you're voicing important concerns with a world rapidly spinning out of control. There are those who believe you're melodramatic, but most people appreciate you for this entertaining streak. You really love Halloween.


You're a Platypus!

You've always had a bit of an identity crisis, and over time it has left your personality in shambles. Now you feel at high risk for schizophrenia as you try to reconcile your various conflicting interests and traits. You don't even look like a coherent unit anymore. At least you can spend a good deal of time swimming, and you usually stay there until your skin prunes up and starts to match some of the rest of your features. Though no one can explain why or how, you love eggs.

(Goddammit, why are these all about me having an identity crisis of some sort? Am I really that conflicted?)


You're Taiwan!

Despite enormous setbacks, including the fact that most people refuse to recognize who you are or even that you exist at all, you've built yourself into quite a productive person. You've got a little trouble maintaining a sense of personal order, but through the mess, you're still very industrious and have a small but pivotal impact on almost everyone you know, and even people you don't. You make a whole lot of stuff.


You're Nepal

Aloof and ancient, you are a highly spiritual individual. You have rarely bothered with worldly matters and prefer to stay above the fray. Rooted in your own convictions, you buck convention at most every turn, and are not above making a diagonal line when everyone else uses right angles. Very recently, you've been brought down to Earth, however, and are facing a bit of a calamity. People want to climb you because you are there.


You're California!

In many ways, you are larger than life and almost defy description. You certainly love to shake, rattle, and roll with the best of them. You have a generally sunny disposition, but are capable of resorting to harsh extremes when pressed. You are more likely than most to become rich, or famous, or perhaps both. While you have the golden touch in so many regards, your respect for actors is a little over-zealous. This endless faith in actors needs to be terminated.


You're Jane Goodall

While you have a calm and peaceful appearance to most people, you have been known to go bananas. One of your favorite things to go crazy for is knowledge in those who appear primitive or even incapable of rationality. You've shown that such beings often display an extraordinary ability for thought and creativity. This egalitarian spirit has led you to feel that the planet itself is a priority, and even a place worth saving. The planet seems to like you, too.

Well, I'm honoured by that one. :)

There are a few more quizzes on there, but I don't want this to get too crowded. I'll come back when their song quiz is ready. In the meantime, here's the link, so that you can try it for yourself:

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