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I am the queen of Cabernet-dom! :3

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I meant to post this some time last week, but the past several days have been extremely busy for me. Among other things, I had to head over to London for a couple of days, for a certain friend's (belated) birthday celebrations (trying to navigate your way through the London Underground is much like trying to navigate your way through Castelia City, except the people there don't obligingly move aside for you when you cross their paths. Actually, there's something about the London Underground which strikes me as being eerily reminiscent of Efrafa, the enemy warren from Watership Down, but I find it difficult to put into words).

Anyway, onto the main event of this entry - last week I was finally able to complete my Cabernet/Burgundy kids collection! :3 Stoutland actually arrived a day after his anime debut, which was really sweet. Behold:

These guys are all so adorable. I doubt that Cabernet will debut any other new team members during the Don Tournament arc, so I can probably consider it up-to-date for the forseeable future.

I'll close by sayin that, next time, you're in for a very "special" treat. It's something I was initially planning to use for my series on the 1980s, but in the end I decided that it didn't really fit. The result being that it may even end up spawning a series all of its own. I have this uneasy little feeling at the bottom of my stomach that I'm really, really going to regret doing this, but then there are some inner demons which need to be exorcised. Or, alternatively, immersed in all over again. Keep watching this space. =)

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Updated 17th July 2011 at 12:58 PM by garrison-san



  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    I can't wait. ^^

    And I now award you your crown, your highness. The Crown of Sauvignon.
  2. garrison-san's Avatar
    Aww thank you. It'll go nicely with my other collectibles.^^

    And yikes, that picture was actually a lot bigger than I'd expected it to be. Fixed it. :p
  3. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    That's awesome! You should totally cosplay as her. xD
  4. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Such cute vintages :D

    Does everyone in the underground have those sunken baggy eyes like the Efrafa rabbits?
    *watches space*


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