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  1. My Top 5 Most Infectiously Catchy Cartoon Openings

    Number 5

    Number 4

    Number 3

    Number 2

    Honorable Mention

    Number 1

    Anyone know of any of these? Also, if you wish, send me your catchiest themes in the comments.
  2. I got the Shiny Pikachu


    As noted in the link above, there's a Pikachu event going on, so I went and got the Shiny Pikachu. The gender was completely random. I got a female Pikachu, which looks great imo. It came with a Persim Berry, probably because of the move Teeter Dance. The OT is 'Rookie Trainer'

    And... that was pretty much it. There were plushies related to Pikachu and ...