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  1. I've finally decided to do one of these bandwagon things

    A rare occurrence indeed, but I found this one irresistible. I got this from @Synthesis; Where he got it from, I couldn't say.

    Your Favorite Film: Blade Runner (but only the Director’s Cut. The original theatrical release can gtfo.)
    Your Least Favorite Film: There’s no definitive film which stands out as my least favourite, so let’s just pick a random one which I disliked: Madagascar. Too many obnoxious characters with whiny celebrity voice-overs. ...

    Updated 1st September 2012 at 02:15 PM by garrison-san

  2. Two most excellent companions

    Today is Hannibal and Murdock's second birthday. I don't know the exact date on which they were born, but it was March 14th when I got them, and I was informed that they were roughly two months old at the time, so for all intents and purposes, January 14th is their special day. In celebration, I uploaded this video of them playing with their "hanging toy". Please enjoy:

    I am so lucky to have Hannibal and ...
  3. Childhood Trauma Revisited: It's Killing Time!


    Unlike The Finishing Line before it, Robbie and its variants enjoyed quite a lengthy run of being shown in schools across the UK, unnerving assembly after assembly with its powerful message about the dangers of trespassing on railway lines. At some point, however, the powers that be decided that it was maybe time to consider putting ...
  4. Childhood Trauma Revisited: Robbie, a Tragedy in Three Parts

    TRAUMA Rating: **
    CHARLEY Rating: ***1/2

    You’ll probably laugh at me for this, but there was a loooong stretch throughout my childhood when I was deathly afraid of trains. Not just the trains themselves but anything and everything to do with them. I hated having to travel by rail, having to be at a railway station, having to walk over bridges which went above railway tracks. ...

    Updated 7th August 2011 at 05:46 AM by garrison-san

  5. I am the queen of Cabernet-dom! :3

    I meant to post this some time last week, but the past several days have been extremely busy for me. Among other things, I had to head over to London for a couple of days, for a certain friend's (belated) birthday celebrations (trying to navigate your way through the London Underground is much like trying to navigate your way through Castelia City, except the people there don't obligingly move aside for you when you cross their paths. Actually, there's something about the London Underground which ...

    Updated 17th July 2011 at 12:58 PM by garrison-san

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