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The State Stereotype Game

What the title says, all my posts in this series.

  1. State Stereotype Game: The First 5 Days

    by , 1st November 2011 at 08:52 PM (From the Serperior's Lair)
    Here are the entries from the first five days of this contest:

  2. State Stereotype Game: Florida and Georgia

    by , 30th October 2011 at 12:16 PM (From the Serperior's Lair)
    Yesterday had a very low participation. What happened? The first one had about seven entries, but this one had only two. What up with this people?

    Anyways, here were yesterday's entries:
    • Birthplace of George W. Bush. We're Sorry [mine]
    • What's With All the Ghosts? [Bec Noir]
    • Where 60-in. Plasma Screens Are For The Weaks (I honestly don't get this one) [TFSpock]

    • We're Almost the Smallest State [mine]
    • ...Where the Hell Is

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    The State Stereotype Game
  3. State Stereotype Game: Connecticut and Delaware

    by , 29th October 2011 at 02:36 PM (From the Serperior's Lair)
    Here are yesterday's entries:
    • Weed-Smoking Hippies Up North, Surfers In the South, And Farmers Smack-Dab In the Middle [mine]
    • Famous People And High Prices [Magnifica Skitty]
    • The Worst Economy [Ghetsis-Dennis]
    • Drugs Are A Freebie [Bec Noir]
    • You Can Eat Around the World, Get High, And Be Homeless At the Same Time [farewell, friend]

    • Ski, Gold, And.....Prairie? [mine]
    • Great Views And Winter Sports [Magnifica Skitty]
    • Cold As A Freezer

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    The State Stereotype Game
  4. State Stereotype Game: California and Colorado

    by , 28th October 2011 at 10:50 PM (From the Serperior's Lair)
    This time around, very low participation. We only had two users have their takes on these. This game heavily need user participation, so please participate. remember, the more the merrier.

    Anyways, here's yesterday's entries:
    • Keeping the Indians In, But Leaving the Mexicans Out [mine]
    • You Shall Build A Turtle Fence! Because Seriously, A Short One Is Probably All They Need To Keep the Illegal Immigrants Out [Spooky Aura]
    • Arizona Tea! Which Probably Isn't
  5. State Stereotype Game: Arizona and Arkansas

    by , 27th October 2011 at 03:42 PM (From the Serperior's Lair)
    Today is Day 2 of the State Stereotype Game.

    Here are yesterday's entries:
    • Heart of Dixie and Rednecks [mine]
    • Hickville [Magnifica Skitty]
    • Where the Dear (or Deer?) and the Hillbillies Play [Human_Umbreon]
    • HICKSHICKSHICKS. It's the Wondrous Hicks Show Here [Shiny Ninetails]
    • The Only Thing Invented Here Was Cotton (my personal favorite)[Aura Sphere]
    • Cotton-Spinning Hicks [Pyradox]
    • Rednecks With A Big Southern Drawl [UnovaCastaway]

    Alaska: ...

    Updated 27th October 2011 at 04:07 PM by Serperiority

    The State Stereotype Game
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