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From the Serperior's Lair

Ask Me Stuff.....

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by , 29th November 2011 at 08:12 PM (212 Views)
I'm joinin' this new bandwagon. Ask me questions about my life.

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  1. Aviator Zero's Avatar
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    Have you ever had sexual thoughts about a member of the opposite sex?
  2. Jaden's Avatar
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    wats ur lief liek
  3. farewell, friend's Avatar
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    Aviator Zero, who hasn't? xD Your question should be, "Have you ever had sexual thoughts about someone of the same sex?"

    Anyway, how many languages do you speak?
    What do you want to major in?
    Do you have any pets?
    Am I awesome? Of course I am.
  4. Aori's Avatar
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    What's your favorite Holiday? :D
  5. Karma Kidd's Avatar
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    What is your opinion of me just judging from name and avatar?

    What is your opinion of the forum?

    Who do you consider your closest forum friends?

    Would you stand with them, back to back, hoping that the world would never overcome ya'll?

    (Last one is very dramatic)
  6. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    Why did you join BMGf?
    What is one of your favorite things about it?
    What is one thing you dislike about it?
    Which sidegame series of the Pokémon franchise would you like to see receive a new game within the following year?
    Which evil team is your favorite out of all the games, main and side?
    Do you have many regrets, or do you prefer not to dwell on the past?
    Do you see yourself ever changing your username again in the future, or have you found the perfect name for yourself?
    Do you believe that if time travel is possible, people should go back in time and alter the past?
    What is one thing you would never be caught dead wearing?
    Do you have any severe phobias? Totally won't use the answer against you in the future, btw.
    Is there an animal/idea/object that is not yet a Pokémon that you would like to see become one in Gen VI?
    What are three things you are looking forward to doing before 2011 ends?
    What are three things you are not looking forward to doing before 2011 ends?
    Do you regret making this blog entry now that I have bombarded you with comments?
  7. Serperiority's Avatar
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    @Aviator Zero Why do you need to know?

    @Raizhu I wish my life was more exciting.

    @farewell, friend I speak Tagalog, English, some Spanish, and some of a whole bunch of others. I wanna major in architecture or civil engineering [here I come Caltrans!] I used to have guinea pigs and birds. And yes, you're awesome.

    @Aori I personally think Christmas is my fave holiday. Being with family and lots of presents.

    @Last of the West It's fine by me, I mean, I love judging people. Bulbagarden is an awesome place where I can spend most of my boring weekend afternoons. My closest forum friends would have to be(in no order): Aori, Nelthy, Cappy, and Alphaphlare. I don't think so.

    @Kakuna Matata I joined BMGf because I wanted to review the latest English episode and that you have more freedom than Pokebeach. I love all the friends you can have and how flexible this place is. What I hate is that there's no Serperior skin, and that you don't get notified of blog comments. I'm not a big fan of the side games, so I have no idea at all. I love both Team Galactic and Team Plasma. They're just plain epic. I have many regrets. Yes, I would change my username in the future, if I have a bright idea poppin' out. I would never be caught wearing anything pink, no matter how manly pink is. No, I don't think people would go back and alter the past. Things are better the way they are now. I'm afraid of heights though I've kinda started to feel that it's not that bad. I want a dolphin Pokemon, bad. I wanna look forward to getting my own PS3 and not looking forward to.......I don't know, before '11 ends. And no. In fact, I love to answer questions.

    Thanks for the questions! Okay, gimme more questions!
  8. Aori's Avatar
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    Oh, cool! I like Christmas too :)
    Are you a curious person?
    How many pillows do you sleep with?

    I know, I make weird questions xD
  9. Serperiority's Avatar
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    @Aori Ah mi amiga, yes I'm a curious person. I'm pretty sure I sleep with five pillows. Please make more weird questions.
  10. Aviator Zero's Avatar
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    I decided to ask random, strange questions to everyone on this bandwagon. And yes I meant to type "the same sex" but my brain derped. Also, since you want more weird ones, here's this:
    What do you think are your most attractive and unattractive physical features?
  11. Serperiority's Avatar
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    @Aviator Zero So I asked for weird questions, but not plain nasty questions, so I'll say my best feature is my hair. I'll leave the second unanswered.
  12. Aori's Avatar
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    @Serperiority high five! I sleep with four pillows! (three big and one small) :D Sometimes it's more! I thought I was the only crazy person, haha
    Serperiority likes this.
  13. Zenax's Avatar
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    What's your favorite meal?
    And favorite beverage?
    And favorite book?
    And favorite movie?
    And favorite color?
    And favorite song?
    And favorite artist?
    And favorite season?
    And favorite male name?
    And favorite female name?
    If you could be somewhere else right now, where would you be?
    If you could have anything right now, what would you get?
  14. Serperiority's Avatar
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    @Zenax I LOVE my In-N-Out hamburgers w/ their awesome fries. I'm a fan of Coca-Cola, but just give me water (Dasani is most preferable). I'm not really a literature guy, but I'm more into informational books. I don't really have a favorite movie, but the Home Alone series (only the first three) is close. My fave color is orange. My favorite song is a tie between "Gonna Get Over You" and "Between the Lines", both by Sara Bareilles, my favorite singer. My fave season is spring. My fave male name is undecided while I kinda like "Lynne" as a female name. I wish I were in romantic San Francisco right now and I wish I would have my crush back in my life.


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