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  1. Hi Guys!~

    I haven't been coming to BGMf much in the last few weeks (lol months?). With college things get a bit tough ^^; and I've just been hanging on SPPf, and I must say the pessimism there is getting to me (and I don't like it ;_; ) either that or I'm just getting bored with things. I feel like I can't sit still :<
  2. My Mouth is Now DENTO-APPROVED! HOW?

    Hey kids! Have you ever wanted to have the fine, fresh taste of Dento in your mouth? Or a spicy burst of Poddo? Perhaps a rush of cool, chilling Kon? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, then you need DENTO! The only mouthwash guarenteed by Dento, the world's greatest sommelier!

    Product comes in THREE DAZZLING FLAVORS!
    Dentastic Minty Mint-------Flaming Poddo Peppermint!-------Chilly Kon-on-the-Cob!