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  1. The Quest to 100% - Part 1.1: Final Fantasy 12: Zodiark, and the Sunflower Sword

    by , 3rd January 2011 at 09:29 AM (Fire's blog of astounding, bogglin randomness)
    Hey guys,

    Just here posting on an update to get 100% completion on Final Fantasy 12.

    So far, as far as the main story goes, I've completed the Pharos, so all that's left now is to take on Vayne, but that's the easy part, so I'll save that for last.

    The sidequest I'm much more focused on is the quest to obtain the final Esper, Zodiark. This guy is like a pain to beat. I only attempted him once, and I came sooooooooo freakin close to beating it, but no, ...
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