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Flying Christi

My hardest battle ever...

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by , 21st February 2011 at 09:19 PM (276 Views)
...was when first meeting Cynthia. It was the longest, hardest and luckiest battle of my life.

I had a party of late 40's-50's (Luxray grew to Lv50 battling Lucian, included a fresh Giratina) when I battled Cynthia...
The surprise of the battle was that Spiritomb..had no weaknesses but it was no match to Staraptor's attack...well, when it got the chance to attack, that is.
I kept Staraptor when Roserade came out (big mistake) and an Extrasensory was enough to put it, a Lv45 Rapidash. Because it didn't know Flare Blitz yet, and had a Sp. Atk that was, uh...honestly...Shit, so Fire Blast was hopeless. It got poisoned and I withdrew it.
All hell broke loose. It started poisoning and taking down my party while I Revived and Full Restored my way into an opening, Aerial Ace, Roserade down.
Next came out Togekiss. Honestly, this one was A LOT harder than Garchomp. It was quicker than my party and most moves were OHKO's, and when Cynthia withdrew it I was relieved.
Out came Lucario, should be easy for Rapidash and Staraptor, right? Right. What's the problem, then? I had to waste two turns reviving them. A lucky aerial ace took care of the problem after that (too easy, surely). Anyway, Lucario down.
Next out was Milotic. Surely Luxray is a good match! Oh wait, it got taken down so I could revive Staraptor. But there is no problem, because here's one healthy fresh Torterra!...oh. Ice Beam. Damn. If it wasn't for my Gyarados being a filler...Luxray revived and full restored, managed to get a Scary Face and then a couple of Thunder Fangs (thanks to a missed Ice Beam) took care of that one. Milotic down.
Next out, Garchomp.
This one was a walk in the park. Healed Gyarados, and when its time came I was lucky it managed to miss a Dragon Rush so I could land an Ice Fang that froze it (yay!) and because it didn't thaw out I could revive Luxray for Togekiss, and then a ch-Ice Fang. Garchomp down.
Togekiss back out. make a long story short, this was the hardest part of the battle. Togekiss was REALLY hard to beat, it would easily squash any pokémon in my party and I did have to Revive and Full Restore my party pretty much every turn. 17 Revives and 8 Full Restores later came my main and most significant opening, the ultimate opportunity: Togekiss FINALLY RUNS OUT OF PP!!! I couldn't take it down too easily because it's not like my party went through the Elite Four with its PP unscathed. But after a Thunder Fang helped by Struggle recoil damage, it finally gave up the ghost!
Togekiss down, I win.
End of story.

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