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Sleepy last few days....

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Here's ma story! It's quite short so y'know read on....

Sunday = Got a migrane it was my dad's birthday, selpt for 75% of the day, I can't remember much of that day.

Monday = Felt better went to docs in the morning to get med for Migranes then went to school in the afternoon, then felt ill again.

Tuesday = Felt better again, went into school in the morning for two lessons, had to go home when I somehow managed to sprain my back.

Wednesday / Today = Had to stay home, went and got med from the docs again, feeling better now. Also just realised how much I like this song...I haven't listened to it in makes me sooooo happy!

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    You're quite the trooper, I wouldn't want to go to school with a migraine.

    Hope your back gets better soon.


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