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'Nother day....

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by , 21st March 2011 at 03:01 PM (255 Views)
Another dull school day as usual...accidently told my friends that fingers in french was actually the french word for fish fingers = FAIL....then uhhh....what happened next....uhhh hockey, went quickly because I had fun standing in goal being lazy...I called our team the Burgundy Llamas because my bib said 'LL' (we just found random bibs and put them on) Later we had....I think I had...ART! Art exam, silence veeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy dull, watched the lucky kid with the broken arm relaxing reading a book whilst I got told my drawing wasn't big enough.....then lunch, had to be my friend's bodyguard, she got me to do the whole Romona makes Scott fight Scott Pilgrim thing, (I didn't want to hurt anyone ...-.-...) Then science...zzzzz....can't remember science. Then I had learning skills....zzzz.....then I had Geography...funny we were making revision posters, which obviously meant colouring Alice's hands green. Then got home revised blah blah blah, ate some food and now here I am.....listening to Lotus Flower by Radiohead....It's also 2 days to the dreaded day of embarassment....my birthday, where I get badges saying '3 Today' I KNOW MY MANY FRIENDS AND THAT IS LIKELY!

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