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So I was reading some 2006 threads

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by , 8th July 2013 at 05:16 AM (307 Views)
And I found this thread with a leaked CoroCoro scan showing Manaphy and the silhouettes of Mantyke, Buizel and Chatot. What amuses me is that back in the day people on the fandom already depended of CoroCoro scans and leaks to know stuff about new generations and new Pokémon. Also, the kind of comments we see and post today in the CoroCoro thread are very similar to the comments posted in 2006. I wish I could find threads here or in any other place with the reactions of people when Generation III was announced and the new Gen III Pokémon were revealed.

On a related note, I also found threads like these two, each of them to discuss a single species of Pokémon. I think this idea could be implemented again in the General Pokémon Discussion sub-forum, specially because it seems to have more active members today than it had back in 2006.

If you are wondering why I am reading old threads, I just have nothing better to do with my time.

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  1. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
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    Oh boy, the nostalgia of me seeing Buizel for the first time! Maybe we should make threads discussing single species of Pokemon (or at least their whole evolution lines)
    Reila likes this.
  2. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    Did you expect them to be different?
  3. Reila's Avatar
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    I actually didn't expect anything.
  4. Akromatic's Avatar
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    Huh. Buizel's shadow actually does look kind of like Ampharos's. I never noticed that.
  5. Gaga's Avatar
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    lol at the little scuffle over its name.


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