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I'm Back!

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Sorry I haven't replied guys! We moved earlier on in the month and I've had to live off of my phone's wifi modem service, which blocked Bulbagarden for being 'full of adult content'. Weird, I know. O_o I've also had a ton of work to do. DX But now I'm reasonably back on track, so I at least have the time and the means to post this message here.

Once I'm done with today's work, I'll start replying. See you all later! <3

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  1. double trouble!'s Avatar
    Welcome back!
    Adult content... :O
  2. Mintaka's Avatar
    So that's why you were missing for a while ^^;
    (..."adult content"??? xD)
  3. Blaah's Avatar
    Yay welcome back! Haha adult content, lol.
    Good luck with all your work! :D


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