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Agent K

Shout-Out in Pokémon B/W

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by , 26th September 2011 at 11:57 AM (630 Views)
Soooooooo, I've found out that there's quite a few shout-outs (intentional or unintentional, I don't really care) to another one of my fave games in Pokémon Black and White. The game in question is called Inazuma Eleven. So, on with the shout-outs, I guess~!

Shout Out # 1 - Nimbasa's Name
I'm pretty sure you're asking 'What does the word 'Nimbasa' have to do with I11?'. Well, the Japanese equivalent is Raimon, the name of the resident Team Twerp/gAang/whatever.

Shout Out # 2 - Going Deeper into Nimbasa
The sports stadium is for sports fans (read: includes football). I11 is a video game/anime series based around one specific sport (read: football).

Shout Out # 3 - Trainer Names
If you chose to play as the male PC, then some of the trainers you face in the Ferris Wheel have interesting names. Well, the Japanese equivalent of their names. Hiker Andy and Preschooler Winter have interesting Japanese names. Fuyuka and Natsumi... the names of some I11 characters. ;)

Shout Out # 4 - The Gym Type
The resident gym in Nimbasa is Electric Type. Electric, lightning, the Japanese word for lightning is 'Inazuma'. The gym badge is also shaped like a lightning bolt. Perhaps I'm looking too deep here, but meh.

Shout Out # 5 - Female PC's Name
Sure, Hilda may not seem like she has any secrets (other than that Kyurem she's not afraid to use against annoying little brats who claim their Rattata is in the top percentage when it really needs to be 20% cooler), but she does. The Japanese equivalent of her name is Touko. Sure, big deal, you may say, but there's actually an I11 character called Touko.

So that's all I've found from a quick skim of info, but there might be even more I11 shout-outs hidden within the 1s and 0s of Pokémon B/W. Bai gaiz and galz, that's all for this blog post.

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