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Agent K

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by , 18th October 2011 at 01:43 PM (303 Views)
So I've been wanting to start watching another anime for a while now. I've had three potentional ideas, but after somebody posted a video from the third choice about one of the characters killing another (and worse, the dead character was very moe too), that left me with two choices. So, blog readers, I call upon you to help decide which anime I am watching next.

Inazuma Eleven GO!


Digimon Xros Wars

The choice is yours, and it'll effect my choice.

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  1. Kyumorph's Avatar
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    Option 3: Soul Eater
    Because no one moe dies.
    Updated 18th October 2011 at 01:52 PM by Kyumorph
  2. Agent K's Avatar
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    You better be telling the truth, Kyu. Cos as soon as someone moe dies, I will stop watching Soul Eater. If I even decide to pick it.
  3. Iteru's Avatar
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    As a heavily biased Xros Wars fan, I will obviously be suggesting Xros Wars. The first 10 episodes are as dull as dishwater but when you get past them it becomes awesome.
  4. Agent K's Avatar
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    Xros - 1
    Other - 1
    GO - 0
  5. Agent K's Avatar
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    Sorry gaiz and gals, but I guess I've already started with GO. I was planning to wait for decent results on this, but, thanks to some others, I decided to just watch episode 25. And I wanted to see what happened next, so I watched episode 26, then ep 27. Yeh, I know, it's odd to jump into an anime 25 episodes in, but ep 25 was Shirry's debut and some of my friends brainwashed (think brainwashed like how bronies brainwash others into joining the herd) into watching it for Shirry.


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