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Temporarily Somewhat Absent

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OK - I'm going to be absent a lot because I want to work on my Fanfiction and a couple people on here pissed me off. However, during said absence, I will randomly be on when I remember and put out my work or make my elaborating elaborate posts in the Pokemon Anime forum (so, once a week if anything =/), or check out other Fanfics. I heart you Kakuna, Gian, Commander, & Hypersonic.

What are the Fanfics that I have planned (with little insights)?

1. An Original Pokemon Adventures Fanfic.
I. Main Character failed Pokemon License (currently lacks said license)
II. One Character is a sociopath who will be referenced a lot.
III. Main Character Meets a Legendary
I. Legendary dislikes Main Character

II. Comashipping Fanfic.
I. Starts after Sinnoh League Tournament w/ Ash in Unova
I. Ash has fan girls
II. Paul has fan girls - would have fan boys, but Barry won't allow that in this story ): Bitch (I kid, I kid)
II. Paul has to deal w/ Ash in the utmost impossible ways
III. Cilan is wary of Ash being around someone like Paul

III. Evashipping Fanfic. (cause Kakuna wants one e.e - nah I love you, so this is my late anniversarypresent)
I. Paul gets into trouble
I. Reggie is reinforced to accompany Paul wherever he goes...
II. Paul PMSing
III. Counseling

IV. Breedershipping Fanfic (cause I wanna see Brock happy)
I. Brock visits Suzy
II. Suzy has a surprise - ZOMGSH
III. + (You'll figure it out peoples...)

In what order these fanfics are in are priority. My original is my TOP priority and the Breedershipping is my LOWEST priority. I however do want one last one. But I do not know what shipping it is I want to do. Whether it would be Cafemochashipping (Cilan x Ash), Contestshipping (Drew x May), OldMcDonaldhadaPaulshipping (Paul x Big Mac), something with Morty, Euisine, and all them guys ;], or doing something with Trip/Shooti. I really do look forward to all of these. Mostly the top one as it has been around the longest.

The original fanfic was inspired as I wanted a main character who really wasn't someone who would be a hero. He's not a coward, but he's not willing to jump in for the sake of someone's life if he gets hurt. Never have I thought up a really complex male character before in the years I wrote. I hope you like him as much as I do. On the side note, I hope you guys feel he's a better main character in some ways than Ash. Hehe. xD

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  1. Morru Magnum's Avatar
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    D'aw I less than three you lots too. *huggles* :3


    But seriously, all of these look good, though I'm not as big of a Breedershiiper as I am Innuendo/PewtwerTulipshipper or Luckshipper.


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