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by , 7th July 2011 at 01:59 AM (256 Views)
SO - I decided to grab for gold at my Pikachu themed Nintendo 64 (tis cute little foot restarts lifethe game :] ). Since I DARE to hibernate in my bedroom away from the basement where my bed currently remains in the humid, 80 degree Fahrenheit weather, I decided to play my Nintendo. Most of the games THANKFULLY are up here in my room. It's fun to search and dig through an old plastic box full of old games. It adds nostalgia and I figured I would save "Hey You Pikachu" for later. >_> - Yesh, I could play Zelda. But I didn't feel like doing so and dug around more until BAM. Super Mario 64. That game is third in popularity next to the two Zelda games on Gamefaqs. ._.

I remember when I would go to Children's Hospital, and they had two Nintendo 64s. One had Super Mario 64. Every time I was there waiting for the eye doctor or whoever - I'd be playing that game! All the epicness was the same! Back then, I think it was more than that...^ ^; - I then popped in the game after dusting it off (cause its been in there for who knows how long ._.). The controllers are somewhat hard to get used to, but I adapt to the strange controller. Yes, it was also a Pikachu themed controller.

:D BEST DAMN NINTENDO 64 CONTROLLER - my brother had a purple controller that was NOTHING compared to this baby! ~

I fall. And fall. Chompers bite Mario's ass. The blue colored big square guys turned Mario into a pancake. Then the stupid Bomb-walking guys stalk Mario. THE KOOPA (sp?) SHELL SURFING IS OHMEEGASH! I love that sucker! >:] And I had no idea how easy the boss fights were. I mean, I hated that I kept falling off the Fortress because the stupid big wall of concrete kept blocking where I could see Mario...and I always guesstimated if Mario was close enough to deliver a successful jump attack on his back.

The majority of my death? Falling.
I LOVED the Mountain world...

That's my day...
Super Mario 64 ~

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  1. Phantom Kat's Avatar
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    :DDDDD I love that game. You make me want to dig up my old N64 and pop in Mario 64 (hopefully, my parents brought it while we were moving house.) Yeah, the bosses are really easy, but the cool thing is, you can breeze through the game and enjoy it without being too frustrated. I think my favorite world is the Clock (forgot the name) where the speed depends on when you jumped into the clockface and the haunted mansion (I completely missed that world on my first run through of the game; during the credits, I was like, "Where the hell is that?")

    lol The penguins. I loved bringing them the wrong penguin baby to get them all in a huff. At first, I was was like, "What? It's a penguin baby; they're exactly the same. :| How in the world do you know the difference?!" And then that giant penguin in that other world that you had to walk with it on an ice bridge in order to shield yourself from the gust of wind. FUN STUFF.

    I actually have the sheet music for the ending credits, and since I recently cleaned my flute, I'm going to play it. :>

    - Kat
  2. Insanish Danish's Avatar
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    Mario 64 is my absolute favorite game in the world. <3 Gotta play that again sometime soon, I haven't played it in a while. So many memories <3


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