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Nuzlocke - Platinum, Part 3

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And that didn't last long. After catching Solo the Starly, Fanty the Zubat, Tesar the Geodude and Inara the Ponyta on the way to Oreburgh City, I did some training with Wash and evolved him into a Monferno, complete with Mach Punch. Thinking that this would be enough to take on Roark, I went straight to the Gym, blitzed the two trainers there, and took on the Gym leader.

Roark led with Geodude, and I led with Shan Yu, hoping to get it a bit of experience. As I switched in Wash, Geodude started with Stealth Rock, and managed to take a Mach Punch before falling to the second. Onix was next, which took three Mach Punches before falling. By now, through a few Rock Throws, Wash's health was around about half, but I neglected to use a Potion, thinking that Cranidos wouldn't be able to take two Mach Punches. And it probably wouldn't have, if it's first Headbutt hadn't been a critical hit and sent Wash to that great Monkey-Puzzle tree in the sky. What followed was a massacre. One by one, Cranidos Headbutted my team out of the park.

I probably won't be trying this again any time soon, but I might start again on Platinum for a normal game - haven't done that since I started Black.

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