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Nuzlocke - Platinum

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I've always enjoyed reading about other people's adventures when they've done Nuzlocke runs, and I've always thought about doing one myself. However, I've never wanted to get rid of all the Pokémon that I've caught in any particular game, so it's never happened.

Now though, I have transfered every Pokémon that I want to keep over to Black, and I can finally begin my first ever Nuzlocke run!

The game is Platinum, and the character's name is Malcolm. Pearl's new name is Jayne, and I will be using a Firefly/Star Wars theme for my names (Incidentally, this the also the first time I will be using Nicknames - I've never bothered before)

My rules are simple - No reviving, catch the first one on a route and no others, no duplications, no running from battle, and nicknames for everything.

My first Pokémon will be Turtwig, who will be named either Wash if it is male, or Zoey if it is female.

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