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  1. Nuzlocke - Platinum, Part 3

    And that didn't last long. After catching Solo the Starly, Fanty the Zubat, Tesar the Geodude and Inara the Ponyta on the way to Oreburgh City, I did some training with Wash and evolved him into a Monferno, complete with Mach Punch. Thinking that this would be enough to take on Roark, I went straight to the Gym, blitzed the two trainers there, and took on the Gym leader.

    Roark led with Geodude, and I led with Shan Yu, hoping to get it a bit of experience. As I switched in Wash, Geodude ...
  2. Nuzlocke - Platinum, Part 2

    Well, I finally started this. Decided at the last minute to pick Chimchar instead of Turtwig, but he's still called Wash.

    Only a short first update for this post though, as I have other stuff that needs doing today. Got as far as Jubilife City, got the Pokétch and the Old Rod, and beat Jayne in the second rival battle.

    The team so far looks like this:


    Lvl 8 (Met at Lvl
  3. Nuzlocke - Platinum

    I've always enjoyed reading about other people's adventures when they've done Nuzlocke runs, and I've always thought about doing one myself. However, I've never wanted to get rid of all the Pokémon that I've caught in any particular game, so it's never happened.

    Now though, I have transfered every Pokémon that I want to keep over to Black, and I can finally begin my first ever Nuzlocke run!

    The game is Platinum, and the character's name is Malcolm. Pearl's new name is ...

    Updated 18th May 2011 at 03:08 PM by SkinheadontheMBTA