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  1. What now?

    10 staffers as last visitors to my page, again?

    I didn't do anything!
  2. Video games list.

    Not a bandwagon, it seems, but this gave me an excuse to rummage through my big-ass pile of games. This gave me a laugh as well, looking at some of the names now, they're so cliche.
    Bear in mind that I didn't play many of the games for PS3 yet. I like to buy them first, play them some time later. Don't know when I'll get around to do it though.
    Stole from Rainbow's blog.

    [B]GB & GBC[/B]

    [SPOILER]Castlevania Adventure
    Castlevania II Belmont's ...

    Updated 9th January 2012 at 06:25 PM by Baron Brixius

  3. Bah.

    My plan worked and I got more comments than I deserved on my previous entry. :-D So now, on to the opinions.

    [QUOTE=TFSpock;bt176321]Oh hai thar.[/QUOTE]

    @TFSpock Ahoy.

    Hm, well, you play mafia, and I dunno how to, so :thumbup: You also posted in Tea in the Garden a bit... Rainbow posted a ship of you that I thought up for lulz. Eh, mods Leafy Turtwig and doesn't afraid of anything.

    [QUOTE=∅Dermodio∅;bt176322]Heeheehee.[/QUOTE] ...
  4. Ah, screw it.

    The users who post first 3 comments will be given opinions by... me. Yeah, I'm... someone.

    I guess 3 was a bit small of a limit. DISREGARD THAT, I SU- *squish'd*

    Updated 19th September 2011 at 03:54 PM by Baron Brixius

  5. Racist Google.


    Tut tut.

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