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  1. Return of the King- SalamM1

    No not Lord of the Rings. I, the king and a maker of Dracotopia have returned much different, in a good way, to Bulbagrden after a what......5 month leave? It was a long time, and I am happy to return to the great Pokemon Forums.

    I am proud to say I have started making LPs after so long, and even completed one! Ruby and Sapphire....They are done unique and never before seen way, you will know why if you saw them. It would be awesome if you guys checked it out, Youtube Name is same ...
  2. Ruby and Sapphire Remakes Hints and Speculations Part 2

    This one I know I am not correct, but hey thats the fun of analyzing. Anyway, here I go.

    4) Pokemon TCG
    The Pokemon TCG sets have usually been connected with the games in terms of release. Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard were just reveled to bring Kanto Pokemon (as well as a Ralts That I believe will become Gardevoir EX). EX Cards are coming back. Sure, People loved them and its ordinary to create something new to "stronger" pokemon, but why go back to Gen III? Why ...
  3. Ruby and Sapphire Remakes Hints Part 1

    Now, many people have found hints to ruby and sapphire remakes in many obvious locations, but what of the main and biggest hints that are hidden the best? Lets find out if I am correct or not. (NOTE: These are all valid facts, but the questions asked in them are not. It didnt that long for me to figure all of this out. Read and learn!)

    1) Production Year
    This game was in production for how long? many people say two years and it will come after Grey, but I think it will come ...
  4. Pokemon Black Nuzlocke Run

    This is my first Nuzlocke Run, and my first blog entry! I will be starting off with Tepig and finishing off with Defeating Ghetsis. Heres the rules I shall use:
    1) If a Pokemon Faints I will place it in the box.

    2) I cannot buy Pokeballs, and I cannot heal in a Pokemon Center.

    3) I must nickname all my pokemon.

    4) I can only catch the first pokemon that appears on a route.

    I think that sums it all up! I shall start once I have....either ...