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  1. I had an idea.

    So sifting through the forums around here, it seems like the idea of N returning in future games is both a popular and unpopular one. For one thing, he's got to be the most well-received and complex core series character/rival/evil team leader so far, and a good deal of the community wants to see more of that strange but likable guy. On the other hand, there's the problem of putting him back into the game: just what is he supposed to do? Be looking for the B/W PC or something? ... Well, I actually ...
  2. SEGA The Dream Fighters: Part 7: NiGHTS, Amigo, Ristar's Levels

    These are the home stages of NiGHTS, Amigo, and Ristar.

    Puffy's Mansion - NiGHTS Into Dreams...

    Stage Theme 1: NiGHTS Into Dreams: Puffy's Theme ~ She Had Long Ears

    Stage Theme 2: NiGHTS Into Dreams: Reala's Theme

    From NiGHTS Into Dreams...it's the mansion belonging to perhaps the most iconic boss of the original, Puffy! This dreary, creepy stage might give you the chills! In the background there are various mirrors that will reflect the ...
  3. I've had a song on repeat all day

    This song is worse than drugs, but I guess it at least won't ruin my life as quickly as them. I was warned that it was catchy but goodness gracious it certainly caught me and doesn't seem like it's going to release me any time soon.

    That’s right, just leave it to the deities
    Our responsibilities
    Rule a world that loves us just the same as you love me
    Laughing out, I smile and shout, look to you, we
  4. These official events are killing me.

    So I decide to look up prerelease events for the upcoming Furious Fists set, right? I'm interested in participating in one and getting my hands on some physical cards for the first time in years. (I've been playing TCG Online for over a year, by the way.)

    So I look, and the closest event (within my state) happens to be...

    ...some 150 miles away.

    I can't afford to make that drive at all. I hate not being able to go to these events, I really do. I'd go ...
  5. That feel when you wake up and need water immediately

    Because heat, even when you've left the AC's fan on all night though not the AC itself because that burns it out. Leaving it off for a bit yet because of that, as well as just to sit in some degree of silence. Oh well, only one more month of this crap then I can get back to a degree of normalcy.
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