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My One Year Anniversary In the bmfg.

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by , 18th October 2011 at 03:26 AM (1034 Views)
To all my fellow bmfg fan and friends i'm been here for a year now. lol a friend to me and i forgot about my 1 year anniversary here on the forums. when i first came i was shy because i didn't know people here so i left for a week then came back and posted my greeting post. i love my favorite post in the galaxy the winning post that's how i got alot warmer to members on the forums. and i im aggressive though but i don't show that only rarely i do well i'm being trolled or annoyed. xD. yep i had battles and trades while i was here. and i won most of them until my ds lite broke in half lol i'll get a dsi this christmas though not to worry :D. i have over 100 friends so far, anyone wanna become a fan which i got already send your homie a friend request . i make people laugh when they are down or board that's what im here for entertainment. for me to be here this long i always had respect for this site. i'm prod of myself. ok now to gossip about some of my top friends on this site. my first friend on here was well samwin yeah she teach me things when i first arrived here. xD friends and others who stand on my side when things got heated. Mintaka told me to stop and ignore people that's going to put u down that's why she's one of my best friends on here. some of my other friends got banned permanently yeah thriller he was cool to me and we had alot of battles in the past but sadly he's gone R.i.p thriller. yeah another friend was banned lol this yeah but i forgot his name so i'll skip him. double trouble i always some make him laugh with my random stories i tell him about he's cool though :D. if Matata never told to billed this i'll never known about my 1 year Anniversary. oh my other friend about to talk about she make me laugh my ass off her name is shinyninetails that kid is a mess omg i omost pasted out laughing yo keep up your funnyness ninetails. here another friend she's ghetto like me and cool yeah lol umm her name appears to be blah blah blah we go way back to the ghetto dayz yo stay gangsta 4 life . last person on my top friends of all times yeah she's my rival but i get along with her and her name is twilight princess. we battle to see whose better than who she know i.m ruler of the sexy planets. i hope get positive messages when folks post on here. but i don't have to worrie cuz i don't have no sauce with anyone here. God bless everyone here now i gotta make me a bowl of Fruitloops i'll probably write more tomorrow and yeah i'm doing a lot of editing as well me i'll stay black and ghetto 4 life holla! back! brah. ok wait one last thing before i eat my mom's chicken and rice hmm those who remove me as a friend i got 2 words for ya Suck it! lmfao! what i'm joking ya i'm olmost never serious about people removing me off their friend list or am i? muhahahaha!

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  1. Terrell's Avatar
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    Lol yo she tricked me good it's next month. well i'll create another one similar. xD
  2. Pandantic's Avatar
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    Happy anniversary! enjoy your fruitloops!
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  3. Terrell's Avatar
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    Lol thanks and sorry for the late response. xD


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