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Day 8, Day 9 & Day 10

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by , 20th July 2012 at 07:09 AM (204 Views)
oh! haven't visited the forum for months, been busy with life and all... but not anymore so might as well go on with the challenge. i'll do two days because.

Day 8 - A Pokémon that you know everything about
this is kinda getting repetitive, but... well, isn't it kinda obvious that my all-time favourite would also be the one i know the most about? yes, my answer is jolteon and raikou. i've read a lot about them, every strand of information i've found about them. i even made a presentation about raikou last school year, heh...

Day 9 - A Pokémon that you wish was your friend
COME ON of course i'll choose my favourites again! also i guess arceus would be a cool friend, i mean if he's a god and all...

goddammit i'll do day 10 too.

Day 10 - A Pokémon that you wish you could be


am i just obsessed with my favourites 'cause i wanna answer this one with jolteon or raikou too...
fine, i'll get crazy and choose....
.... seriously, raikou would be cool as hell.

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