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  1. Day 23, 24 & 25

    still doing this
    i don't remember if i have done it before but from now on i won't count the pokémon that have the type as their secondary

    Day 23 - Favorite Fighting Type
    lucario hands down. i used to dislike it in fact because i, like many others, thought that it is overrated. might be too, but i don't care about those things anymore. lucario's awesome and that's that. (+i fell in love with the 8th movie holy shit watch it guys) riolu too, he's on the same line with ...
    50 day challenge
  2. Day 20, Day 21 & Day 22

    Day 20 - Favorite Electric Type
    are you kidding electric is my favourite type and i love them all
    THOUGH as i've said like one hundred and two times my all-time favourites are jolteon and raikou. what a twist!

    Day 21 - Favorite Ground Type
    hippowdon and rhydon! and mamoswine and nidoking which only have ground as their secondary type though.

    Day 22 - Favorite Rock Type
    there's not many rock-types and i do like most of them but i can honesty ...
    50 day challenge
  3. Day 14, Day 15 & Day 16

    Day 14 - Your first starter Pokémon
    i don't remember actually, but seeing how much i liked squirtle back then, i'd guess it was it.

    Day 15 - Favorite type of Pokémon
    electric, man, electric. i love electricity outside of pokémon too - it can be so beautiful and so scary at the same time.
    i also like bug and steel pokémon really much - not really because i like the type but because bug and steel pokémon just look really cool, awesome designs there.
  4. Day 11, Day 12 & Day 13

    i'll just try to finish this thing with top speed. 3 days a blog post!

    Day 11 - Your first Pokémon plush
    ohhh man well it was this pikachu, a 1998 hasbro one. i was just super happy when i got it as my... 7th or 8th birthday present and it has been through a lot: it's been sooted, dirtied, wetted, pumped full of different soaps, put in washing machine, dragged along wherever i went and had its back cut wide open. it's full of memories.

    Day 12 - A Pokémon no ...
    50 day challenge
  5. Day 8, Day 9 & Day 10

    oh! haven't visited the forum for months, been busy with life and all... but not anymore so might as well go on with the challenge. i'll do two days because.

    Day 8 - A Pokémon that you know everything about
    this is kinda getting repetitive, but... well, isn't it kinda obvious that my all-time favourite would also be the one i know the most about? yes, my answer is jolteon and raikou. i've read a lot about them, every strand of information i've found about them. i even made ...
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