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  1. I KNEW IT!

    I knew it, I totally called it, I told you it would happen!

    I totally forgot about this place for, like, a year! Maybe more!

    Now I randomly stopped back in to add or change a few things (like posting the last part to a fanfic and whatnot).

    I'll probably run off for another year or two now. Hehe.

    It's pretty easy to get distracted by my PKMN Diamond rom, as well as ShinyGold, anyway...

    (I know it's not that exciting to some ...
  2. Cry!

    I've received my first warning in the forum.

    I feel like my life is over. Ridiculous, I know, but I'm usually such a stickler for the rules. . . and now I've unconsciously broken one. It's like my hand has been slapped by my mom for trying to grab a cookie before dinner.

    I'm sad now. . .
  3. Sort of a whiney moment for me.

    'Cause I posted an art thread and nobody has replied to it. Soon it'll be shuffled to the back of the line and forgotten about.

    So sad.
  4. A few days in. . .

    I've been a part of this community for three or four days now and have decided I quite like it. The Pokeshipping thread constantly draws my attention (as well as the Misty Club) and, even though how I feel about the ship and even how other fans feel about the ship don't always mesh, it's nice to flesh everything out with people who at least support the same thing I do.

    Next thing I want to do is either post another fan-fic or post some art (not just Poke-art). I hope people will read ...
  5. What is it?

    No, seriously; I've never really cared for blogs. Maybe that's because I've never actually investigated into what they are.

    Can someone tell me? XD

    -feels stupid-