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Dark wings, dark words

Super Sexy Sandwich Time

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by , 22nd May 2012 at 01:38 PM (424 Views)
A Skype conversation between @me, @Frankie, @Croag (Emily) and @Joel that took a very strange, sudden turn...

Axel: I'ma gonna go and buy lunch
Emily: Bye!
Frankie: bring me some
Joel: bye axel

~ 30 minutes later ~

Axel: I got two subs :>
Frankie: I hope one is for me
Emily: Ooh a threesome
Joel: axel x sub
Axel: Oooh these subs are hot
Frankie: oooh xD
Emily: Are they big
Frankie: Are they naked?
Axel: they're dressed...for now...
Axel: I'm gonna dim the lights and listen to Barry White while I eat them
Frankie: you slick fuck
Emily: Eat them slowly
Axel: Of course
Frankie: make em weak at the knees
Joel: you won't be able to eat the whole thing at once
Axel: okay, first bite
Emily: Be gentle
Frankie: it's their first time
Emily: Oh god
Joel: less leeth
Emily: Axel remember to swallow not spit
Jasper: xD
Axel: lolz
Joel: XDDD
Axel: the other sub is looking anxiously on as I finish off this one
Emily: Ah... Jealousy
Joel: can you take both at once?
Emily: Hey axel, remember not too bite too hard or it might squirt.
Frankie: XD
Axel: oh stop it you :3
Joel: sometimes they like it when you bite a little
Frankie: i think a gentle nibbling would suffice
Emily: Is this your first time too axel or have you already had experience?
Joel: do you know where your gag reflex is axel? Cause you need to know your limits
Emily: Lmao
Frankie: :I
Axel: i've had some experience yes, but i'm relatively new
Frankie: This is so filthy
Frankie: for sandwhiches
Joel: we're still talking about sandwiches right? Just checking
Axel: I hope so...
Emily: Nope. I was never talking about sandwiches
Frankie: Axel, tell me a little about these sandwiches. Are they classy?
Emily: How long?
Frankie: Did they make you wait?
Emily: Did they make you wait? >>>> wet
Frankie: xD
Axel: Do you really think I would buy some classless, trashy ones?
Frankie: Well when you're in the mood, you make silly decisions
Emily: How much Axel? Did you pick them off the street?
Axel: Nope, professional place
Frankie: Fit it all in
Frankie: and swallow
Joel: Relax your sphincter so you can take as much of it as you can
Frankie: What a terrible word xD
Emily: Sigh
Axel: It's sooo hard
Frankie: Yeah, good
Joel: that means you're doing it right
Frankie: Don't want to be shooting pool with rope do you?
Axel: the first one is for the other one...
Frankie: How was it?
Joel: Salty
Axel: Pretty good
Frankie: Will you regret it?
Axel: Only time will tell
Axel: I just hope I have enough in me for the next one
Frankie: don't worry
Joel: good luck
Frankie: you can do it
Emily: Hopefully this one isn't crusty. :<
Frankie: ew
Frankie: Is the second one younger?
Axel: I can't's dirtier alright
Frankie: Is it well made? Is it... tighter?
Axel: Oops, now I need a tissue
Joel: made a mess?
Axel: Aye...
Emily: Do you know it's medical history? I don't want you getting ill from it :/
Frankie: splash back
Joel: spilt the mayo
Emily: Don't spit it out axel, it might get offended
Frankie: yeah, pretend to swallow it, then run to the bathroom
Joel: clean it all up
Emily: Does it have enough lubrication? :I
Joel: you want it to slide down easily
Axel: I think does..
Emily: Perfect
Frankie: Take some pics
Axel: Seriously? I'm not sure that's allowed
Frankie: but make sure it doesn't catch you taking them
Joel: we need to see if this sandwich is as big as you say it is
Frankie: We need the proof
Emily: Maybe a video...
Axel: I like the way you think
Emily: Yeah well you know
Axel: you don't really want a pic tho?
Emily: I want a video.
Axel: lol
Frankie: I can't believe how filthy we've made this x)
Joel: it's just innocent sandwich discussion
Emily: Yeah exactly :/
Joel: i mean who doesn't love a good meaty sandwich
Axel: one picture coming up
Emily: I can't wait
Axel: you want different angles?
Frankie: yes, get a cantered one
Joel: you should probably measure it as well
Axel: one from behind and stuff?
Joel: whip out your tape measure
Axel: gotta zoom in on the meat
Frankie: put 50p in the shot so we can judge the size
Emily: Lawl
Emily: This conversation must be preserved
Axel: saving the pics now
Emily: Please show me as soon as possible I can't wait much longer
Axel: I just wish I could have gotten one of them together, they looked so cute and innocent
Frankie: I hope you've got some decent snaps
Joel: i need the pictures for personal use
Emily: Me too
Axel: you guys are so sick...but we all have needs I guess
Emily: Lmao
Frankie: We're not all so lucky to be able to pick up classy ones, just like that
Emily: Yeah frankie always gets stuck with trash
Frankie: yeah, I mean the ones I get are OK I guess, but basically a polished turd
Emily: Lawl
Axel: okay, you ready?
Frankie: yep
Joel: mhmm
Emily: My body is ready
Frankie: I'm so anxious
Emily: I'm a little nervous
Frankie: shhh, it'll all be ok
Axel: [Pictures of sandwich]
Frankie: holy shit they're huge
Frankie: nice map
Joel: that's a pretty huge sandwich
Axel: it was bigger
Axel: and I had two
Frankie: you're so greedy
Emily: .... Wow :$
Frankie: saved to desktop
Joel: share some with the rest of us
Axel: you can have'em when I'm done
Frankie: ew no
Frankie: We don't want your seconds :I
Emily: (:|
Joel: emily is very excited about the sandwich
Axel: well it *is* big
Emily: It's too much to handle
Frankie: can you fit them both in your mouth at once?
Axel: Impossible
Frankie: damn
Joel: pfft, amateur
Frankie: that's some good looking bread
Axel: you still gazing at it?
Frankie: yeah...they're hypnotizing
Emily: I can't take it anymore...Brb
Joel: omg we lost emily
Frankie: nah, she's just getting cleared up
Joel: i too need to take leave for personal reasons unrelated to the sandwich
Frankie: ohhh :<
Joel: um that was a joke XD
Frankie: haha xD
*** Jasper has changed the conversation topic to "sandwich" ***
*** Frankie has changed the conversation topic to "Sexy sandwich times" ***
Emily: Back :$
Frankie: ready for round two?
Axel: had some fun?
Emily: Obviously
Frankie: you're an animal
Emily: I know
Joel: in all seriousness how the hell did you manage to have two of those? XD
Axel: I have no idea o.o
Axel: I was hungry

Sandwiches. Not as innocent as you think.
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  1. Oswin's Avatar
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    OK, we really have to stop talking on Skype :I

    tl;dr: We're all fucking perverts.
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  2. Froakie's Avatar
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    :I This isn't me. Why did you tag me?
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croag
    Nope. I was never talking about sandwiches
    Remember this sentence people. She will try to deny it if confronted about it.
  4. GatoRage's Avatar
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    Omg Croag, don't even try >:I
  5. Baron Brixius's Avatar
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    I would love this voiced.
  6. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Also I was in that conversation, I just stayed tactically quiet. My name even appears twice in this blog.
  7. Froakie's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by PkmnWhite
    Omg Croag, don't even try >:I
    Try what? You got the wrong Emily. I'd never say stuff like that. :I
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  8. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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  9. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    Emily: Sigh
    ^ Sums up my reaction perfectly.
  10. Alex800's Avatar
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    I still regret not being there...
  11. jda95's Avatar
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    I really need to stop talking to you guys. >.<
  12. Froakie's Avatar
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    But Joel ;_;
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