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Dark wings, dark words

Super Effective thingy: Fighting

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by , 3rd January 2012 at 04:18 PM (312 Views)

Most favorite Fighting Type:

Picking the brawling beetle mostly because I'm not a big fan of "humanoid" Pokemon, which a lot of Fighting-types are. But Heracross is just a really, really fun Pokemon to use. It's a powerhouse in-game with a lot of strong, attacking moves at it's disposal, as well as Swords Dance. And it's fast and it looks pretty cool too. It has that sweet combination of being cute yet still looking badass.

Least favorite Fighting Type:


Meditite, you're ugly and I don't like you. Quite simply. And your evolution may be pretty impressive in battle but it ain't no looker neither.
I'm just going to quote Karamazov here cuz he said what I feel about Meditite very eloquently:
"Fuck you, Onion Head. I don't like you. In fact, I really dislike you. I might like you if I actually gave you a chance. But I'd rather not, because even your evolution is ridiculous. I don't like looking at your deformed face".
Well put, well put.

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    Heracross is win. :D
  2. farewell, friend's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Meditite's head looks like garlic, not onion.
  3. Oswin's Avatar
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    • permalink
    One day you people will love Meditite, and Medicham!

    One day.
    Zeb likes this.
  4. Luminosity's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The anime made me a fan of Heracross. Especially this:
  5. GatoRage's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    ^ Surprise "bulb"sex ?
    Lord Clowncrete likes this.
  6. Karpi's Avatar
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    • permalink
    The worst part about Meditite is that it wears a diaper...


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