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Dark wings, dark words

  1. A day to remember!

    Sorry for another blog in such short time but:

    Dear GatoRage,

    You have received a warning at Bulbagarden Forums.

    Flaming and Baiting

    It is not okay to compare religion to a computer virus. Bulbagarden has many active religious members and many of them may be insulted by comparisons like this.
    Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand
  2. The Dragon and the Kamikaze fishes

    So I'm training my Dragonair under the Village Bridge, and I'm telling you, it must be pretty miserable to live there because every single Basculin uses Final Gambit. Every single one. And they're faster because I'm using the Power Bracer. So every time a run into one, they use Final Gambit and kill themselves with me on the first turn.
    Why can't they be like Audino, who heals you while you're battering the hell out of them.
    Anyway, it took some time but I now have a Adamant Dragonite. ...
  3. Breeding Frenzy!

    I've been breeding poke's like a maniac the last couple of days. My Ditto's happiness must be maxed out by now.....

    And I tried out the GTS negotiation thing today, and it went alright.
    I got a Charmander and a Spiritomb from some Japanese guy in return for a Gible and a Murkrow. Now I'm breeding them to use in trades.
    The guy was always showing off his shiny lv.100 Rayquaza for some reason, I tried offering my lv.2 Audino in return but he rejected........his loss I say. ...
  4. Scyther Anyone?

    Well it took me 2 hours, but I finally managed to breed a Adament Scyther with Technician.
    The problem I face now is what to do with the other 40 level 1 Scythers that are in my PC now.
    Yeah, 40 Scythers with various natures.......
  5. Flicks I seen

    Another film review here.

    Toy Story 3 (2010) - 8: Really charming and entertaining. I was not a fan of Toy Story 2 so this one took me by surprise, it's much smoother and the plot is more concise. The voice acting is good as you would expect with a stellar cast. I loved all the references to other films.
    Not a whole lot more I can say about it except that I enjoyed it and I rate it higher than it's predecessors.

    Contact (1997) - 3 - Very dull and just disappointing. ...
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