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  1. I just can't remember certain places fondly

    For a while now, my memories of places that should have been very significant to me are often overshadowed by negative events that happened around those times.

    I've been to Texas a few times, due to my Father living there, and since i found the Lone star state's "Western" reputation and affiliation with Cows and Beef interesting, being there should have felt good. But for as long as i can remember, my mother, sister and brother have all stated negative things about the state ...
  2. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #13!



    "Gene Starwind" by DW3Girl

    Well, it occurred to me that, despite already halfway through week 4 of Outlaw Star Month, I had yet to post a solo shot of the main character: the one and only Gene Starwind. That could be a problem.
    "No kidding! I'm the star of the show!"
    Sorry, Gene!
    Fan Work Spotlight
  3. I'm disgusted.

    ... I f*cking swear. If I could kill every last beast that calls themselves ISIS, I would do it. Well, I can't say I've never wished that before, but those sick freaks
    and recorded the whole damned thing. I haven't watched the news reports of this and I don't want to. Just hearing about this from someone else caused me to start crying, maybe out of sadness or fear or just shock.

    These "people" need to be killed soon, ...
  4. Guess I needed more sleep than I thought I did

    For no good reason, slept until noon. Well, still an acceptable schedule, I suppose. And it's not super early into winter so it's not like I'll have barely any daylight at all even from here or anything. Also guess when you're yawning once a minute, sleep immediately or else.
  5. we can definitely do this

    I got a new tablet. This drawing newb needs things to practice on, so suggest things and I'll attempt to make it look decent (no promises). Dunno what the cut off for requests will be, somewhere in the singles digits is all I know for sure.
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