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life of a not so smart girl

  1. don't read

    Hello there! Sourcandy here~

    Do you know who I am? Awesome! You have no idea? Still, great~

    There's something I've come to realize, I have been for over two years. I post quite frecuently-mostly in just one forum, but still- yet, I don't have anyone here I can call a close friend. I have been wondering why for quite a while and I have to the conclusion that it is me who pushes people away.

    Antisocial. Yes, I guess that fits me. But no, that's not why ...
  2. look who's back~

    Hallo there!

    So it has been a while hah? I missed this place so much haha but I really needed the break ^^

    so yea, I spent 3 weeks in rehab and am feeling a lot better now, hopefully I won't relapse again any time soon. I'm really happy to be back guys!

    I also picked a new hobby during my abscense; I'm still pretty bad at it but I don't care.


    Updated 3rd February 2013 at 10:43 AM by Pariah