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Why do People Despise the new Pokémon's designs?

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I'm Sure you know, or even share the oppinions, that with each new Generatiom, a portion of the fandom, mostly the ones who don't know much about the subject at all, go on a crazed rage criticising the new pokémon's designs, saying things like: ''They are running out of ideas...'', ''They don't feel like the original 151 anymore...'' or ''their horribly designed!, they're not even trying anymore!''; but you know that about some months later they will get used to the new ones, i think it's okay to dislike a pokémon's design, but i think it's wrong to judge if you don't know the basis behind their designs, IMO, with each passing Generation, Pokémon are getting better in the design subject, even the inspirations behind said designs are getting better; and i found a really interest comic in the internet about it:

Click To Enlarge.

I Would like to hear your oppinions on the matter.

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    cuz we are old a we hate changes
  2. Emboar's Avatar
    hahahaha Mr.Bubbles

    Meh, I think people just feel the need to complain at first. Like you said they will start liking them 1 or 2 moths later.
  3. Moonlight Umbreon's Avatar
    Most of the fandom are just people that can't accept they're not in the 90s anymore. The first generation has passed, things have gotten better, but people just can't accept that.
  4. Owain's Avatar
    ^ if i had space, i would sig this
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
    Nostalgia goggles. They gotta clean them with a wet cloth so you can see they're wrong about the new designs.

    Though, I think that Squirtle-Oshawott comparison isn't the best. It's only my opinion, but Oshabutt is the only design I don't like.
  6. garrison-san's Avatar
    Nostalgia googles is certainly one factor, but I'm also quite tempted to think that the people who scream about the original 151 being the only ones that count do so because they're just too freakin' lazy to memorize anything more than that.

    I seem to recall people being similarly down on the Generation IV pokemon, when they were the fresh new faces. And the Generation III pokes, before that. I wasn't really involved with the online fandom when Generation II arrived, but I bet they had a similarly hard time. It seems to be a right of passage for each new generation, unfortunately.
  7. Reila's Avatar
    I don't care about nostalgia... I grew up with the original 151 and today just one or two pokémon of Kanto are in my faves.

    And Osha's design is way better than Squirtle's. xD
  8. MizuTaipu's Avatar
    Yeah, like a rock with arms and a winged dragon with fire for a tail are really original.
  9. JennaJayfeather's Avatar
    X3 Meet my school :p
    But that is true I like the new Pokemon designs and what they are based off.

    Squirtle is a....um turtle?
  10. Owain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MizuTaipu
    Yeah, like a rock with arms and a winged dragon with fire for a tail are really original.

    haha that reminds of one time, that a total troll said in a Youtube Vid (whisch was showing new Pokémon): ''Damn! those all look like digimon! Pokémon is dead to me, the first one were the most original, and the names are idiotic!''
    i then replied: ''Yeah, cause naming a seal Pokémon Seel is pretty inventive and time-consuming isn't it? oh, and i almost forgot, Ponyta, a Pony, and Golem, who isn't even a golem...''

    that shut him up and i LOL'ed
  11. Miar's Avatar
    Yet said 24-year old has a giant Pokéwalker (itself being almost as new-age as Oshawott)

    I grew up with the originals (albeit started a little later than other early fans), but I don't hate the newer ones. In fact, I see the overall suckiness of the older games now more than ever.
  12. Owain's Avatar
    ^^ that's the same that happens to me, and sometimes people base their whole hate around Nostalgia, and it isn't actually a factor to see if something is good or not IMO
  13. Kynn Master's Avatar
    That was the same thing with Whitlea's design. At first, people said: "Ah!This girl looks nothing like Dawn, I hate her!" and "She is just bad fanservice" etc.
    Now I hear: "Wow!Whitlea is my favorite character, she is amazing and beautiful!"

    This always happen. This is a famous cycle that will always happen in the fandon world, first you hate them; then you feel neutral; now you love them. It's just natural.
  14. Owain's Avatar
    ^i've heard the opposite too,

    Touko's a whore! she wears such small clothing, no one would use that, unless its a whore!!

    that was a quote BTW
  15. winstein's Avatar
    I don't really like how they do not like the designs, but I suppose it comes down to being an acquired taste: what isn't liked before might end up being liked.

    Thanks for reading.
  16. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    This happens every generation. Hell, I'm ashamed to admit I did it in Gen IV. Same thing with the English names. People bitch how those are uncreative, how they're just English words spelled differently, and how they "don't feel like really Pokémon names." News flash: that's been going on since Gen I. Gloom, Jynx or Farfetch'd anyone?

    The same can be said of some of the Japanese names as well. Ghos, Ghost, Showers, Thunders, Booster, and Thunder aren't terribly creative either.

    But back to the original topic, I think with each generation the designs, for the most part, are getting better and better. (Always some exceptions due to differing opinions. As for me, I really don't care for Alomomola. I said the same thing of Oshawott when it was first revealed though, and now I love the little Mon. Give it time, people's opinions could change.)

    One thing that strikes me as odd is that with every new gen I hear the complaint of "that Pokémon looks like a Digimon." Um...what? I get that there are similarities, but is there any set definition of what a Pokémon is supposed to look like and what a Digimon is supposed to look like?
  17. Owain's Avatar
    the Digimon phrase also bugs me to an end, i like both franchises, and there are some who are similar, but there's no real definition as A Pokémon that looks like Digimon, or the otherway around
  18. StarGaze's Avatar
    I think people have their nostalgic goggles on too tight. They think that the early generations are "original" but that's only because they were the first games they played when they were a kid. A seal named Seel? A turtle with water powers? That's not all that creative to me. I’m not saying they’re all bad. I happen to love Dragonite and Lanturn, but they’re pretty plain.

    The first real Pokemon game I played was Emerald and I think they were a lot more creative in this gen. and the 4th. (a fighting fire chicken! A ghost that possess electric appliances! An ice ghost based on Japanese myth!) They out did themselves in the 5th gen. (A bug knight and ninja! A chandelier ghost! A giant fire moth!)

    But I’m always excited to see new Pokemon so I’m open to change.
  19. Charbok's Avatar
    I'll admit, I was one of the people who didn't like the pokemon designs in the begging and thought that they were running out of ideas. My main problem was that to me there's only so many pokemon you can think up until you run out of ideas. But overtime I gotten used to them and I like them now.

    Plus looking back, some of the old designs weren't that much original either. Voltorb is basically a pokeball with a face XD
  20. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
    There are several reasons behind such judging coming from quite alot of people.
    -one of them is like others say because of nostagia factor being attached to older generations and pokemon dismissing imediatelly anything which came after not deciding to even give it a chance.Like first generation fans for example.

    -than again others simply may have different preferences finding earlier designs to be more ceative and unique than later ones which Nintendo put in release.In this case its matter of opinion really,while some despise new pokemon viewing the as terrble "not resembling pokemon anymore"to them others will view it as "step forward".

    Personally ill admit myself how some of new pokemon by their looks and characteristics werent much appealing to me finding their designs ridiculous,but i didnt despised because of few examples whole new set of pokemon and while i will always like older generations for many reasons i always give chance to every new gen. finding something good in them.
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