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Serperior's Versailles

True Happiness

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I just got the news that I was accepted in my region's best Law School, and I scored second place so I'm getting a 50% scholarship, I just, can't even, and to think that I was worrying that I wouldn't even pass the first phase, I'm so happy that I can't even properly express it into words, they wouldn't give my feelings justice.

Also, I don't know if this is a Brazil-only thing, but we have a tradition that when boys get accepted into college, they shave all of their hair (I mean all of it)... Yeah... I'm not doing that...

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  1. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
  2. ScarletSky's Avatar
    Congratulations. Hope things continue to go well for you.
  3. Zidar Ravencrypt's Avatar
  4. Meyneth's Avatar

  5. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Congrats! XD
  6. Owain's Avatar
    AWW, thank you guys, I'll apply!


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