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Tragedy in Santa Maria.

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So, many of you may have seen this on CNN, it happened in a city not all that far from my city, and I transmit my condolences to the families of all those young people who died in the night club, most of them had the same age as me and were only looking forward to have fun that night, but tragedy struck, however,I'd like to point out that this tragedy could have easily been avoided, if only the people who were responsible for the nightclub had any idea of what they were doing, for starters, said nightclub didn't even have a license to operate since august of the last year, and not only that, but none of the staff were trained to handle such situations, furthermore, the whole process of building the nightclub did not have the safety of those inside in its mind. I hope all parents and friends of the young people who were lost eventually find some comfort and move on from this tragedy, even if they'll never be able to heal their wounds, and I also hope every single one of the people responsible for this mess is brought to justice..

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