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Serperior's Versailles

Super Effective Thingamajigg: Grass.

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OK Trainers, get your camping items out, cause we're gonna do a little trek on this on-and-off underdog, the grass type, often coupled with second types to mix in, it has quite a lot of problems, both on defense and offense, being easily set ablaze by fire-types, frozen to dem roots by Ice-Types, and even though it manages to get SE hits on Ground and Rock, there's a little problemo with that, Water already does that, and is used WAY more often, although, we can hit 'em payback for stealing our SE hits, Damn Sealubbers...

However, i really love the Grass-Type, because our mons can find their own special way to turn the tables on a battle, i love their quirky effect-causing moves, their teamplay is often the bestest of tthe best, and also, they're flexible, being able to attack, defend, and support accordingly, adapting through the changes the battlefields toss at them.

"Willow is my middle name. Willow is flexible and not easily broken. I'm not giving up yet."
- Mahogany/Choji Town Gym Leader, Pryce.

While he trains Ice-types, it seems that he also respects those aspects of their nature(Geddit? Cuz grass's natural n stuff).


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Hope you liked it!

Oh, if you're female, and you get the reference on 'the last bolded text, kiss me, if you're a dude, a handshake will do just fine

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Updated 7th January 2012 at 03:58 PM by Owain



  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Smugleaf approves. :>
  2. Serperiority's Avatar
    YOU! You are freaking AWESOME!!!!!
  3. Baron Dante's Avatar
    Ghirahim approves the use of his lines.
  4. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    Skiploom is as appealing as the CDi Link.

    It's pointless too. Like, Jumpluff already looks cute even if ignored, and honestly it looks still able to evolve. And it has Hoppip already for a pre-evo. Skiploom is... I can't even begin to like it.
    Is like, small fruit-like thing that vaguely might be a cat, small cotton thing similarly like it... and then in between a frog with a helicopter flower. Way to waste the dandelion's life cycle.
  5. Kyumorph's Avatar
    it spins.


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