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Serperior's Versailles

Pokémon White Walkthrough Part 4: AdveNturous

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After getting the shiny Munna C-Gear, i went on my way, left Striaton City by crossing a lovely garden where i played with my Pokémon, then i arrived at Route 3, there's a Daycare AND a Pre-School here, maybe they ARE teaching Kids how Pokémon lay eggs now...

i also battled some Pre-Schoolers who had Pokémon (No Kidding, Sherlock), they used the Monkey Trio, Pansage, Panpour and Pansear, yeah, they became Sigfried's breakfast...

had my first Double Battle (in BW), Evergreen and Sigfried Versus two Purrloin, we won, and both Eve and Sig got to LV16.

turning over a corner, i met up with Cheren, and since we both had Obtained the Trio Badge from the Striaton Gym, he battled Cress, BTW, we decided to test our strenght in a battle.

Arthur VS Cheren - Battle 3

Joel VS Tepig
''Joel uses Work Up, Tepig uses Tail Whip, Joel uses Water Gun, Tepig Faints''

Evergreen VS Purrloin
''Snivy boosts its Attack and Sp. Attack with Growth, Purrloin uses Assist, calling Tepig's Tackle, which does shit against Eve, then Eve procedes to wipe the floor with Purrloin by using Leaf Tornado. I Win.''

after that Meh-ish battle, Cheren goes on about how my strategy was really good, and all (tell me something i don't know ^__^). However, things get a little weird, when Bianca and a Pre-Schooler come to us, and Bianca tells us that this girl's Pokémon has been stolen by two Team Plasma members, we tell Bianca to stay behind protecting the girl, as we beat them silly.

Meanwhile, i caught another team member, meet Haruka, the Pidove, she's Brave (not a very good nature, but oh well) and she's Proud of her Power.

we walk on the Route until we reached a tunnel, it was Wellspring Cave.

inside, there were two Team Plasma members, me and Cheren paired up for a Double-Tag Battle, even though i didn't really need his help... as Haruka was the only one who actually had a battle spirit on. then we gave the Pokémon back to the girl, but a question was still in the air, what, exactly, is Team Plasma wanting?

after that, i caught a Blitzle at Route 3, i called him Straiker, i also caught three more Pokémon in Wellspring, a Adamant Woobat (keeping around for Happiness), a Relaxed Roggenrola called Pebbie, and, a new team member, Bezedrill the Adamant, and Proud of its Power Drilbur (^_^), i also forgot to mention, but i put Irma in the Daycare, kids will love seeing a Shiny.

after all of that, Cheren came to me and showed me something that i already knew, it was the Dark Grass, which is a kind of grass that stronger Pokémon like to hide in, also, Wild Double battles may occur on them.

along Route 3, i met and trashed many Trainers, it was fun XD, this game is just awesome

at Route 3's end, there was a gate to Nacrene City, home of the Nacrene Gym, after healing my Pokémon, i went to the museum to pay a visit to it, but to my surprise, N was there, he was musing about ancient stuff, and also about the bonds of Trainers and their Pokémon, he then wished to hear my Pokémon's voice again, and so we battled.

Arthur VS N - Battle 2


Bezedril VS Pidove
''Beze uses Fury Swipes, while Pidove starts with Air Cutter (or was it Gust?), then Beze faints it with Meatl Claw.''

Bezedril VS Tympole
''should have known better to switch a Ground-type away from a Water-Type, but Tympole beat Beze with a Bubblebeam.''

Siegfried VS Tympole
''Sig faints Tympole with Pursuit, Beze's prior Fury Swipes also helped''

Haruka VS Timburr
''Having learned my lesson, i switched Sig for Haruka to avoid problems; Haruka uses Air Cutter, dealing good damage for a Special Move on a Physical Mon, Timburr attacks with Low Kick, it Crits, but it does not faint Haruka, who beats Timburr with another Air Cutter. I Win''

after that, N tells me he's interested in Mathematical Formulas, and that he now knows that he needs to seek out for Reshiram, one of the Legendary Dragons of Unova, even though he lost, he warns me that i am not invincible, and that i'm being too much overconfident...

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    N is such a party-pooper. He's just trying to make you feel bad because he's mad he lost. >:(
  2. Owain's Avatar
    ^^Maybe yes
  3. Alexander's Avatar
    Awesome, you just keep getting better and better, hope you finish the game!
  4. Owain's Avatar
  5. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    They're teaching kids that the Delibird brings them when two Pokémon really luv each other.
    --> w/ egg --> New baby Mon!

    When you first capture a new Mon I like it when you color the Mon's name. [/random]

    And I agree w/ Karamazov, N's a big party-pooper. And not nearly as lulzy as his gay Black Adventures self.
  6. Owain's Avatar


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