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Serperior's Versailles

Pokémon: Halo and Tomb Versions

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by , 26th January 2011 at 02:53 PM (328 Views)
Miena Region
Player Character(s): Arthur (Male), Anna (Female).
Rivals: Sara, John and Pseudo-Rival: Roger.
Gym Leaders: Esther (Psychic),Dustin, (Poison), Sheen (Electric), Mathias (Dark), Maria (Fying), Bruce (Fighting), Meggie (Fire) and Iris (Dragon, yes it's the same as BW, but she's a little older).
Elite Four: Tais (Ghost), Macey (Ice), Jean (Grass) and Seann
(Water), Champion: Harrison - Normal, Dark and Steel Types (two pokes of each).

Evil Team: Team Jet.
Leader: Lilian.
Admins: Flower and Lila (sisters fought in double battles), Thierry (cold and distant admin) and Earl (Evil Clown like person).

Characters: Arthur/Anna - at the start of their journey, they find an mysteryous item in some ruins near their hometown, they then come back to the town and are greeted by John (if playing as Anna) or Sara (if playing as Arthur), their childhood friends, the other rival is met and befriended in the next city, Roger, your pseudo-rival, is met at the first gym, he is a mysteryous young man who is apparently running from someone, you choose your starter from Prof. Alastair, your first rival gets the one yours is weak against and your second rival gets the remaining one, Roger's character varies between games, in Halo, he is benevolent and kind, while in Tomb, he is a overly pessimistic character.

Lulubell - a Pokémon Thief, she often seeks high paying jobs to hunt rare Pokémon, she ultimately joins Team Jet and installs a Coup de Gracé, then she becomes the team's Leader and you have to beat her, in order to stop her from using the legendary Pokémon's powers to blow up the Miena Region, she is extremely calculist and a prime strategist, she is often two steps ahead then others. she returns in the post-game storyline, but as an ally, she then ends up marrying Harrison.

Harrison - Miena's Elite Four Champion, he was once Lulubell's Fiancée, he seeks to stop her, because he believes that she became evil because of the trauma of losing their baby daughter on a rock-slide.

Team Jet - they dedicate themselves to take ownership of Miena Region's Government, they seek a mysteryous stone item, that is said to awaken a legendary Pokémon, and they believe that they can use this Pokémon's Powers to threaten a massive attack to the region, after the player beats their leader, Lilian, Lulubell appears and knocks Lilian out of the control room, then she sets a giant sattelite, which uses the Legendary Pokémon's power to fire a energy beam big enough to destroy Miena Region.


Aeolon Town - your hometown, a quiet forest-side town, has ancient ruins on it's far left.

Mendo Town - a higly-commercial town, many small shops on its streets, it has quite a few water spots too.

Shiek City - a musical city, home to many opera houses and singing stages, it also houses the first gym, it's leader is Esther, she is a singer who uses psychic type Pokémon, it connects with a long route and a series of caves that take people to the next city.

Harfen City - a Japanese Styled City, its has a calm atmosphere, and has a beach nearby, it houses the second gym, which is run by Dustin, an ex-hunter who specializes in Poison Type Pokémon.

Kabo Town - a factory filled town, surrounded by mountains, the departament store is here.

Kass City - a Cassino, Las Vegas-like City, it houses the third gym, its leader is sheen, who dresses as a card dealer, he uses Electric Type Pokémon.

StoneBluff Town - a town built in cliff that stands above the sea, important secrets will be discovered here from an old historian who lives there.

Nightstar City - a quiet city that is home to many astrolgists because stars can be seen very well in the night sky, it can only be reached by taking a boat at StoneBluff Town, it houses the Fourth Gym, its leader, Mathias, poses as a Vampire to scare Team Jet out of the City, but the citizens think he is the evil one... he uses Dark Type Pokémon.

Aera City - a town localized in a high mountain peak, it is reached by going through the limestone cave, which also connects Shiek City to Harfen City, but only after the Black Hole HM is obtained. it houses the Fifth Gym, which is run by Maria, who uses Flying Type Pokémon, for safety reasons, the government HQ is resided there.

Frenge Town - a destroyed city in ruins that is reached from climbing down from Aera City, only a few people can be seen there but no one lives in it. it is surrounded by a vast jungle.

Ringer Town - it's a cold town which is acessed by surfing north of Salvia Jungle, it has an Ice Ring Tournament, which consists of several consecutive battles, if the Player Wins he/she makes Bruce, the Gym Leader go back to his Gym, he is a young fighting prodigy, he made Ringer Town famous and got the idea for the Ice Ring Tournament, he uses Fighting Type Pokémon.

Flamera City - is located far-off the coast of Ringer Town, it was built near a volcano, but the waters between the two citys have extremely varying temperatures, so whirlpools stop you from visiting it before you get the Whirlpool HM. the seventh gym is located here, its leader is Meggie.

Krisalia City - a nature peaceful city, located on a massively sized island which acessed by surfing and using dive in between Flamera City and the mainland, after you arrive there, a construction of a bridge will be finished and it will connect to Shiek City. it houses the last gym, which is run by Iris, who moved from the Unova Region after completing her training with her previous master, Shaga, she uses dragon Type Pokémon. there you get the Push Pulse HM, which grants you acces to the Pokémon League, which was secretly located in Frenge Town.

Timon City - it is located on a island that is only accessible after the game, you get there by taking a boat from StoneBluff Town. it houses a famous Clock Tower, which hides various secrets... - it also connects to Baron City to the east.

Baron City - also located on a island, only accessible from the east of Timon City, it is a highly technological city.
a Battle Frontier pass is obtained here. it connects to Seawing Town at the north.

Seawing Town - a town dedicated to arts, it has a big museum, which exhibits rare items from other regions. it connects to Crean City by a bridge from the west.

Crean City - a bustling metropolis, it has various stores and builsings, it is there that you will have your final confrontation with Lulubell and Team Jet, as it housed Team Jet's secret HQ all this time, after the events end, further things and a whole new part of Miena is unlocked, it also links to Keanne Town from a Cave and a Route.

Keanne Town - connects the islands which include: Timon City, Baron City, Seawing Town and Crean City to the coast of Harfem City. it also houses the Battle Frontier and has various surrounding Areas.

Areas and Routes:
Route 1 - a Forest route, connects Aeolon Town to some ruins by the east and to Pensk Woods by the north.

Pensk Woods - a small forest acessed from Route 1, it connects to Mendo Town.

Route 2 - a long Route filled with dairy farms which connects to the Limestone Cave and it's Peak, Mt. Glass, at it's end.

Limestone Cave - a Dark and Humid Cave, it is like a natural maze, and you can climb up to it's peak summit, called Mt. Glass after you clear a Dark Wall with the Black Hole HM. It connects to Harfem City.

Crown Beach - a beach that gets its name because it is shaped like a crown, it is acessed from Harfem City, but you can't do anything in it, barring a few trainer battles, before you get the HM surf.

Route 3 - a Rocky Route that goes through Crown Beach and Connects Harfem City and Kabo Town.

Sol Cliff - a barren cliffside that has many trainers to battle and a few Pokémon aswell. It Connects Kabo Town to Route 4. a Bike Shop is also located there, but you have to reach Route 5's Cycling Road and go back here to obtain your Bike.

Route 4 - a Grassy Plain Route that is unaffected by the pollution of Kabo Town due to Sol Cliff. It Connects to Route 5.

Route 5 - a pretty, straightforward road that houses the Cycling Route. After gettin your bike you can reach Kass City.

Route 6 - a seaside path with paths of greenery, it has a bridge on it's east end that takes players to StoneBluff Town.

Luna Beach - a beach that gets its name from its crescent moon shape, after getting surf you can reach Kass Town from here, it connects StoneBluff Town with its lower part, which has the docks.

Route 7 - a plain and small Route that connects the beach and its docks to Nightstar City.

Route 8 - a grassy area that connects Nightstar City to Dragon Hill.

Dragon Hill - a big hill that has many Dragon-Type Trainers, a lot of Move Tutors can be found here, you also obtain the Black Hole HM from Iris there.

Mt Glass Summit - the top part of Limestone Cave it's a tall open-spaced mountain with a big variety of Wild Pokémon, it connects to Aera City, at it's highest point.

Route 9 - a Downhill Route connecting Aera City to Frenge Town.

Salvia Jungle - a Tropical Jungle Surrounding the Destroyed Frenger Town, it has a big variety of Wild Pokémon, and there's an Ancient Temple in it's center.

Bejeweled Temple (its exclusive to the Halo Version, in Tomb, the Fissure Temple takes it's place) - a temple said to have been accidentaly created by the Legendary Pokémon Crysshin, when he was fighting his nemesis Rowsshin, it's made of multicolored crystals, people then carved it and built a temple to its tribute. It has an Difficult Puzzle, and rare Pokémon reside in it, at its deepest part, was the legendary Tear Stone, which is said to summon Crysshin. Lulubell Steals it before you can protect it in the game's storyline.

Fissure Temple - (its exclusive to the Tomb Version, in Halo, the Bejeweled Temple takes it's place) - a temple said to have been accidentaly created by the Legendary Pokémon Rowsshin, when he was fighting his nemesis Crysshin, it's made of Rocks and Iron Frames people then carved it and built a temple to its tribute. It has an Difficult Puzzle, and rare Pokémon reside in it, at its deepest part, was the legendary Geode Stone, which is said to summon Rowsshin. Lulubell Steals it before you can protect it in the game's storyline.

Route 10 - a Water Route linking the Salvia Jungle and Ringer City, it has Frozen Ice banks on its west side.

Route 11 - a Water Route that connects Route 10 to Flamera City, it has many whirlpools at its center.

Veran Volcano - a Volcano Cave System that houses many Fire-Type Pokémon, you need to explore it to get the Gym Leader Meggie back to her Gym.

Route 12 - a Underwater Route that Connects Route 11 to Krisalia City.

Route 13 - a Water Route accessed through surfing from Crown Beach, it has many Items and Trainers and a Diving Path.

Route 14 - a Underwater path that takes you to a room with a lot of rare Items.

Route 15 - a Water Route accessed through surfing from Luna Beach, it has many Items and Trainers.

Cross Cave - it can only be accessed by using the Push Pulse HM in Frenger City's Church, it is an Underground cave that Takes you to Route 16.

Route 16 - an elevated Plateau that connects Cross Cave with the Victory Road.

Victory Road - a cave that is the ultimate challenge for trainers that wish to battle the Elite Four.

Miena Castle - the Pokémon League, it is set in a magnific castle that is built on a Tall Mountain. Here You can Battle the Elite Four and The Champion. However after you battle the Champion, the credits do not roll, instead, Lilian, Team Jet's Leader arrives and steals the Tear Stone(Halo) or the Geode Stone(Tomb), from Harrison, who had retrieved it from Lulubell, you're then able to access the post-game part, where you stop Team Jet... temporarily, that is...

Quiet Bridge - a Raised Bridge connecting Krisalia City to Shiek City.

Route 17 - a quiet Grassy Plain Route that connects Timon City to Baron City.

Route 18 - a Road that Takes you from Baron City to Seawing Town.

Innocence Bridge - a Raised Bridge that connects Seawing Town to Crean City.

Team Jet's HQ - a tall building located in Crean City, it has many traps, Team Jet Members and puzzles to be solved before reaching the top.

Jagged Cave - a huge cave that connects Crean City to Route 19.

Route 19 - a Mountainous Path that goes straightforward to Keanne Town.

Battle Frontier - Six, Battle dedicated Facilities that work as an amusement Park, you can compete in six different stadiums, each of them have a different Battle style, after you get a number of wins you face the ''leader'' of the facility.

''Battle Tower'' - making a return, after twenty-one single Battles you face the Tower Tycoon, Eric.

''Battle Cassino'' - in this facility, three random Pokémon of your current party are selected and you have to use them in triple battles, after twenty-one battles you face the Cassino Master, and Sheen's Tutor, Alexander.

''Battle Temple'' - this facility has timed battles, if you don't win within the time you're lose, after 10 battles, you face the Fortune Seer, Cassandra.

''Battle Maze'' - a maze that generates itself randomly, but each floor has three trainers, after you battle the three, you advance into the next floor, battles here are always Rotational Battles, after going through ten floors, you face the Maze Creator, Dan.

''Battle Peak'' - this facility is set in a hollow peak, in it, you have to choose three Pokémon Types, after that, you must choose one Pokémon of each of those types to battle, all Opponents will use Pokémon of these three types, after twenty-one battles, you battle the Peak Glider, Luana.

''Battle Coliseum'' - battles here are conducted with all the Pokémon with Half of their HP, after forty-two battles you fight the Coliseum Gladiator, Kanda.

Route 20 - a deserted route that takes you to Heron Desert from Keanne Town.

Heron Desert - a Sandstorm-raided desert that extends vastly and connects Route 20 to Route 21.

Route 21 - a wasteland with only a few trees, you find Lulubell here, this time as an ally. it connects to Route 22.

Route 22 - an area with a lot of fallen dead trees, you have to battle Lila nd Flower to progress here. it has an entrance to the Death Forest.

Death Forest - a forest created from the many dead Withered trees, it's easy to get lost in it, you have to battle Thierry at the end to progress to Route 23.

Route 23 - a rocky zig-zaggy way, it leads to the twisted desert.

Twisted Desert - the vast amount of proteins and different desert-plant species, make the sand have different colorations, giving it it's name. You have to battle Earl at the end. It connects to Route 24.

Route 24 - a Hillside path with many hidden items, behind stones and in the sand, it ends in an elevated part that is the entrance to Route 25.

Route 25 - a Peak with some greenery and a lake, you have to cross a chasm to reach to the Destiny Lookout, the highest point of Miena.

Destiny Lookout - the game's final scene happens here, you have to team up with Lulubell to battle an enraged Lilian, and ultimately stop her from Obtaining the Legendary Pokémon Gumossey.
After you defeat her, the credits will roll and more legendary Pokémon will be available to catch. The Battle Frontier will also open up.

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