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Serperior's Versailles

Pokémon Halo and Tomb Version New Pokémon.

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by , 26th January 2011 at 05:59 PM (275 Views)

Leali - Grass Type Starter, looks like a small koala like Pokémon, apparently made of grass, it has flowers on its paws.
Lealon - Evolution of Leali at Lv15, it is a biggeer, and quadrupedal Leali, it now has two viny Tails,and its arms have sticks coming out of it, it also has more prominent Teeth and Claws.
Learai - Evolution of Lealon at Lv37, it is Biped again and wears a steel samurai helmet, it also wields a Katana with a trunk handle, it's arms are also made of Tree Trunks and its tail is now a small green tree. It now is Grass/Steel, it has good Attack and Defense, Bad Speed and HP and the rest is average.

Flirmin - Fire Type Starter, it is a small Ant-Like Pokémon, it has a cute round face, black eyes, flames at its feet and at its body's end, and two little horns at the top of its head.
Magmaug - Flirmin's Evolution at Lv15, it is now a Fire/Bug Type and it has small still growing wings, it also has a stinger at it's tail's end, it looks more like a Scorpion now and circles of fire around its body.
Explof - Magmaug's Evolution at Lv37, it now has is bipedal, has a smaller body, with only a pair of legs to stand, two pairs of arms ending in claws, fully developed four flaming butterfly wings, it's face now has lost some of its bug-like traits, and it now has flaming antennae and its feet and hands now have little embers embedded on them. It has good Speed and Special Attack, Average Defenses and Bad Attack and HP.
Tidak - it is a Blue Cat Pokémon, it has neat fur, with some black spots, a Grey Stripe runs through its face, its paws have small fins attached to them.
Whirlpard - Evolution of Tidak at Lv 15 it's basically a bigger and buffer Tidakk, it now is also more graceful, its paws are shaped like seashells, its fur is also a lighter blue color, with lots of more black spots, its tail is now Purple, with an oar-looking end.
Tsusaber - Evolution of Whirlpard at Lv37, it now looks even buffer, it's forehead now has a compass like crest, it is of a darker Blue coloration, it has Icicle saber teeth, it's claws and whiskers are also made of Ice, it's tail is longer and looks like an Whale's Tail, but has some Icicles pointing upward on it, it also has an shark-fin shaped Icicle on its back. It has Good Special Attack and Speed, bad Defense and Attack and average HP and Special Defenses. It is Also Water/Ice now.

Statue Trio:

Crysshin - Ice/Psychic - mascot of Halo Version - it looks like an Angelic Dog made of ice, it has eight clear wings, Ice Claws and it has a Pink Surrounding Aura. Has good Special Attack, Speed and Defense, rest is good-average.
Rowsshin - Rock/Psychic - mascot of Tomb Version - it looks like an devilish Dog made of Rock, it has six Sharp-edged Skeletal-looking Stone Wings, and a Pink Surrounding Aura, it also has Stone Horns on its head. It has Good Attack, Defense and HP, the rest is good-average.
Kaisshin - Water/Dark, looks like an Cat, its left side looks demonic like Rowsshin and his Right Side looks angelic like Crysshin, his head however is like neither one of them, it has an gold earring in each of its ears and it's arms and legs look like to be made of Water, It also has a Black Surrounding Aura. all of its stats are good, it is the trio's master. Can be caught when both Crysshin and Rowsshin are in the players Party, and he/she visits a hidden cave in Mt. Glass.

Backstory: Before they were Legendary Pokémon, they were three common Pokémon, three Friends, however, they were the lasts of their species, together, the three of them vowed to become stronger, so that they could rendeem their species, the trio then, after lots of training, evolved further and gained much power, thus becoming Legendary Pokémon, they were adored by the ancients of the Miena Region, however, a fight began between Rowsshin and Crysshin, for they wanted to be stronger than the other, Kaisshin tried to intervene, but it was hit by the combined attacks of the two, and it fell uncounscious, feeling sorry for what they had done, Rowsshin and Crysshin used all of their powers to bring Kaisshin back, they succeeded, and by their powers, Kaisshin became even stronger, and more benevolent, he then turned Rowsshin and Crysshin into two Crystals, Crysshin became the Moontear Crystal, and Rowsshin became the Suntear Crystal, so that they could rest in peace, from the extreme exhaustion they went through, Kaisshin then gave the crystals to the Miena Ancients and then he flied away, to conceal himself from its own pain.

Egyptian Trio:

Osen - Flying/Psychic - always male - looks like a golden Hawk, he has black rings around its eyes, a blue X on his chest, green Tail feathers and each of his wings have a longer feather that touches the ground.
Isen - Flying/Ghost - always female - looks like a blue eagle, she has a red beak, a Blue white cross on her chest,her wings are half Blue, half green, and her tail feathers are pink, her wingspan is really big.
Sesen - Flying/Dark - genderless - looks like a gray owl, it has three red ring-marks on it's chest, the top and the bottom of its wings are white, it has yellow tail feathers and its head has two curled horns.
trio master:
Rasen - Dragon/flying - Alaways Male - it looks like a white pidgeon, but it looks thougher than tthe three and his expressions are more stern looking, he has three X's on his chest, one red, one blue and the other gray, he has golden rings on his anles, his feathers look as if they were blades, his tail feathers too, and he has a black crest on his head.

Backstory: It is said that when the first humans arrived in Miena, long ago, they were attacked by Sesen, but then osen and isen appeared to stop it, the three of them fought agains eachother for a week staright, then, angered by their behaviour, Rasen then descended from the top of the, now known as StoneBluff City's peak, and he attacked the three of them, ceasing the fight, he then prohibited Osen and Isen from being together, sealing them separatedly, and Sesen from ever being near to humans or to Isen and Osen, sealing him far away.

the player can find them on the following locations after the end of the game: Isen, at the Ruins near Aeolon Town, Osen: At a secret part of Salvia Jungle, and Sesen, at the underwater cave of Route 14.

Gumossey: Poison, A Spider like Legendary, it has a Black Widow's Body, with various blue stripes running through its body, it has big purple fangs, two small, clear wings and purple, clawed feet, Found at the Destiny Lookout after the game credits.

Backstory: it is said that Keossey shaped the forests of Miena with non-corrosive threads, it is a benevolent Pokémon, but if you harm any Pokémon, you should be wary, because Keossey's anger for such event is said to be almost Tangible. Its Ability, Poison Dust, makes the attacker have a guaranteed poisoned-status if it hits Keossey with a Physical move.

Omninmo: - Steel-Type, a Mirror-like Legendary, it has a White Rabbit's Body, and it's belly is a Mirror, its fur also radiates shinig lights, each of its ears has a corckscrew going through them. It's Ability, Mirror World, makes every attack rebound 1/10 of its damage back at the user. Can be encountered, if you posses the item, Mirror Piece, in a secret cave in Mt. Glass after the credits roll.

Backstory: - Said to be created from a Mirror Shard that fell from a princess's hand into the Mountain's Foot, it gained life as a Pokémon, but due to it's ability, it became so strong that it couldn't live with other Pokémon, so it scaled Mt. Glass, and is said to be looking for the Princess to this day.

Kimount: - Rock/Grass-Type, a Rock Giant-like Pokémon, it has many plants growing on it, it gained a plant-armor that is said to be very durable, it's Defense Stat is the highest of All Pokémon's. Its Ability, Titan Hammer, Damages any Protecting foes by 25% of their HP. It can be found on a Underwater Cave accessible by diving
underwater in Ringer City, and finding a Underwater Cave, that is only accessible after the credits roll, and if you have the Item, Stone of Heat.

Backstory: It's called, ''The King of the Mountains'', because it is said to have created a chain of mountains from underwater that now created many Landmass places for the inhabitants of Miena, to live in, it is said to be the ancestor of all Rock-Type Pokémon.

Lycastroy: - Dark-Type, a WereWolf-Like Pokémon, it has red eyes, Blood-red fur around its neck area, pointed ears, very long claws, stands on two feet, has saber-teeth and its Fur is Dark-Brown. Its Ability is called Howling Fury, and it increases his Attack and Speed stats if it has any status Conditions. It can be found roaming the Miena Region, excluding its surroundig islands, at night, after the credits roll.

Backstory: - it is said to be an evil king turned into a savage Pokémon by Kaisshin, because it was destroying many Pokémon Habitats, it however, clashed against Kaisshin, and this battle was what destroyed Frenger Town a long time ago.

i will update it daily BTW

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