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My ideas about the RSEmakes

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by , 10th February 2011 at 01:54 PM (478 Views)
i've already posted on its respective thread, but i felt like sharing and asking for oppinions again

Remaining Features:
*Frontier Tents and likewise return of Scott.
*Emerald Storyline and advances.
*Battle Frontier.
*Both Teams, Magma and Aqua.
*Rayquaza is the focus and the availability of both Kyogre and Groudon.
*Dive as a HM.
*Steven as the Champion.
*Same Elite Four members.
*The Orbs.
*Same Post-League Regis quest, but with a twist...
*Both Legendaries are awakened.
*PokéNav, but increased furtherly...
*Gym Leader Rematches.

Newer Features:
*Seasons and diary climate changes.
*Day/Night system.
*Walking Pokemon.
*New Pokewalker-like app.
*Moving Sprites like in BW.
*Animated Trainer Sprites, enhanced...
*Important Character pre-battle intros, enhanced...
*Pictures when enetering areas.
*Day-of-the week changes.
*Elite Four rematch enhancements.

New Locations:
*A marsh-like Area near Slateport, requires visiting before Winona's Gym.
*Post-league routes and cities, found by new openings underwater, and more new places visited using the SS. Tidal.
*Dragon-type cave post-league that opens up at the end of the victory road where you can find a lot of dragons, duh.
*A Mt. Chimney summit.
*A deeper underwater cave.
*A new part of the Sky Pillar.

Location Changes:
*Desert Area expanded.
*Granite cave post-league entrance.
*Lavaridge's Hot Springs can now be acessed only after going through a cave-like area.
*Shoal Cave dependant of season (full in winter, and normal in others), and having a Mt.-ish summit that can be acessed when in winter.
*Mossdeep space center Can take you to space (albeit once-a-month).
*A race occuring in the Cycling Road every Friday.
*Meteor showers can be seen through the Mossdeep space center at Saturday Nights.
*Gym Puzzle revamps:
**Rustboro-has you answer quizes from the gym trainers, if you get the right answer you battle them and move towards Tsutsuji.
**Dewford-has you go through several consecutive survival-style battles until you reach Toki.
**Mauville-has you play a mini-game where you ride a raikou-cart in a race against gym trainers, if you win, the electrical current leading to Tessen is unlocked.
**Lavaridge-remains the same style, but its door is locked and you have to find the secret entrance in the hot springs cave.
**Fortree-remains the same but now you have to choose one of 3 flying pokemons at the back of the gym, only one is the right one tough, to be able to fly up to where Nagi is, and you'll have an airbone battle, an airbone stadium for no flying mons (you'll both ride one of the flying pokemon that is leant to you, but it doesn't take any party-space, nor you can use it in battle, the gym now doesn't have a roof.
**Mossdeep-is basicaly the same, but the player goes to the Left way, and when he/she moves a robot-cart thing also moves in the right side, and you must control it with your moovements to destroy walls and give you acess to Fu and Lan.
**Sootopolis- remains the same, but gets harder to reach Adan.
**Petalburg- now it's the last Gym and each trainer faced is battled in a different battle style (Single,Double,Triple and Rotational).

Character Improvements:
*Asuna now gives you permission to use Surf as opposed to Senri.
*Senri is now the last Gym Leader.
*After the League there will be a small added storyline for both evil teams, and each of them will try to reform themselves. after you beat the Elite Four, Senri will tell you that both orbs have been stolen again, and after that you can find Team Aqua Grunts, the admins (minus shelly), and Archie in the Abandoned Ship, where you once again stop them from ressurecting, and you get Archie arrested; simultaneously you can Find Team Magma Grunts, admins (minus Courtney) in the Desert Underpass, where you'll beat Maxie again and have him go the same way as Archie.
*After ^^ above storyline you'll hear that Aqua Admin Shelly and Magma Admin Courtnet, who having deserted from their teams before, have now reformed them, but now with Enviromental beneficial purposes, both, having become friends during their desertions and the game's Climax, can now be battled in a tag battle at the new Bar area of the game corner in the Late Night of Saturday.
*Post-League, you can Find Mikuri randomly at the seafloor cave, the wheater institute and at the scorched slab, and after you find him at the three locations, you can battle him in one of these places, which changes every week.
*You will also Battle your rival at: Mossdeep city, Cave of Origin and post-league at the SS. Tidal and Frontier Front.
*You will also battle Wally at: Route 115(now requires visiting at storyline), Slateport (part when you find team aqua has stolen the submarine), at Pacifidlog(now requires access) and at the Frontier Front.

New Pokemon:
*Post-League, more Kanto,Johto,Sinnoh and Unova Pokemon are available in the wild.
*Regional dex Inclusion of: Hippopotas-line (at the desert area), Skorupi-line (at the new marshland area), Sneasel-line (at the Shoal Cave during winter), Kojofu-line (at Route 115), Mamanbou (at Victory road), Kibago-line (at a grass patch in sootopolis), Ponyta-line (at route 117), Digglet-line (at Rusturf Tunnel), the Houndour-line (at Mt. Chimney), Chatot (at route 115), and the new evolutions of gen III pokemon bringing the Hoenn Dex to 228 Pokemon.

Roster Changes:
Leaders: (all battles will be single battles, with the exceptions of fu and lan [double], Adan [Rotational] and Senri [Triple]).

Tsutsuji(Roxanne)- Geodude lv10, Aron lv10 and Nosepass Lv13.
Toki(Brawly)- Kojofuu lv15, Meditite lv16 and Makuhita Lv18.
Tessen(Wattson)- Plusle lv21, Minun Lv21 and Manectric Lv24.
Asuna(Flannery)- Camerupt lv27, Ponyta Lv28 and Torkoal Lv30.
Nagi (Winona)- Tropius lv32, Skarmory lv32, Altaria lv35.
Fu and Lan (Tate & Liza)- Gardevoir lv41, Gallade lv41, Lunatone lv42 and Solrock lv42.
Adan (Juan)- Crawdaunt lv44, Kingdra lv44, Mamanbou lv45, Whiscash lv45, Sealeo lv45 and Milotic Lv47.
Senri (Norman)- Vigoroth lv46, Linoone lv46, Delcatty lv47, Zangoose lv47, Exploud lv 47 and Slaking Lv49.

Aqua Admin Ushio(Matt) last battle, (abandoned ship): Mightyena lv54, Golbat lv53 and Whiscash Lv56.
Aqua Admin/Boss Izumi(Shelly)rematch (with Kagari/Courtney at Game Corner): Empoleon lv72, Burungel lv72 and Sharpedo lv75.
Aqua Boss Aogiri(Archie) last battle (Abandoned Ship): Chatot Lv58, Wailord Lv59 and Sharpedo Lv62.

Magma Admin Homura (Tabitha) last battle (Desert Underpass): Mightyena lv54, Golbat lv53 and Camerupt lv56.
Magma Admin/Boss Kagari (Courtney) rematch (with Izumi/Shelly at Game Corner): Charizard Lv72, Shandera Lv72 and Ninetales lv75.
Magma Boss Matsubusa (Maxie) last battle (Desert Underpass): Houndour lv58, Camerupt lv59 and Hippowdon lv62.

Elite Four:
Kagetsu (Sidney): Crawdaunt lv49, Shiftry lv49, Houndoom Lv49 and Absol Lv51.
Prim (Glacia, now Second): Weavile Lv50, Glalie Lv50, Froslass Lv50 and Walrein Lv52.
Fuyo (Phoebe, now Third): Sableye Lv52, Dusclops Lv52, Banette Lv52 and Dusknoir Lv54.
Genji (Drake): Altaria Lv53, Onondo Lv53, Flygon Lv53 and Salamence Lv56.
Champion Daigo Tsuwabuki (Steven Stone): Skarmory Lv57, Armaldo Lv57, Cradily Lv57, Aggron Lv58, Claydol Lv57 and Metagross Lv60.

Gym Leader Rematches: Battle style (Single,Double,Triple,Rotational) may be chosen beforehand.

Tsutsuji(Roxanne): Gigaiath Lv63, Steelix Lv64, Aggron Lv64, Kabutops Lv65, Omastar Lv65 and Probopass Lv67.
Toki(Brawly): Medicham Lv63, Machamp Lv64, Hitmontop Lv64, Kojondo Lv65, Breloom Lv65 and Hariyama Lv67.
Tessen(Wattson): Plusle Lv62, Minun Lv62, Denchura Lv64, Raichu Lv65, Jolteon Lv65 and Manectric Lv67.
Asuna(Flannery): Rapidash Lv63, Camerupt Lv64 Magmortar Lv64, Kuitaran Lv65, Ulgamoth Lv66 and Torkoal Lv68.
Nagi(Winona): Skarmory Lv63, Honchkrow Lv64, Wargle Lv65, Tropius Lv65, Dragonite Lv65 and Altaria Lv67.
Fu and Lan (Tate & Liza[set to double]): Rankurusu Lv63 Gothiruzeru Lv63 Gardevoir Lv65, Gallade Lv65, Solrock Lv67 and Lunatone Lv67
Adan (Juan): Politoed Lv63, Mamanbou Lv64, Whiscash Lv64, Dewgong Lv65, Kingdra Lv65 and Milotic Lv67.

Elite Four Rematches:
Kagetsu (Sidney): Zuruzukin Lv68, Shiftry Lv68, Crawdaunt Lv68, Houndoom Lv68, Barujina Lv68 and Absol Lv70.
Prim (Glacia): Abomasnow Lv69, Weavile Lv69, Glalie Lv69, Froslass Lv69, Lapras Lv69 and Walrein Lv71.
Fuyo (Phoebe): Sableye Lv70, Banette Lv70, Rotom Lv70, Shandera Lv70, Gengar Lv70 and Dusknoir Lv72.
Genji (Drake): Altaria Lv72, Crimgam Lv72, Flygon Lv72, Ononokusu Lv73, Dragonair Lv72 and Salamence Lv74.
Daigo Tsuwabuki (Steven Stone): Heatran Lv74, Skarmory Lv74, Lucario Lv74, Magnezone Lv74, Aggron Lv74 and Metagross Lv77.

May/Brendan, Last Battle (Frontier Front):
*Treecko Chosen: Tropius Lv74, Pelipper Lv77, Ludicolo Lv75, Rhyperior Lv75, Sazandora Lv73 and Blaziken Lv80.
*Torchic Chosen: Tropius Lv74, Magcargo LV75, Ludicolo Lv75, Rhyperior Lv75, Sazandora Lv73 and Swampert Lv80.
*Mudkip Chosen: Tropius Lv74, Pelipper Lv77, Magcargo Lv75, Rhyperior Lv75, Sazandora Lv73 and Sceptile Lv80.

Wally, Last Battle (Frontier Front): Delcatty Lv73, Altaria Lv74, Magnezone Lv74, Togekiss Lv76, Roserade Lv73 and Gardevoir L78.

Mikuri/ Wallace:
Wailord Lv80, Tentacruel Lv80, Whiscash Lv80, Ludicolo Lv80, Gyarados Lv80 and Milotic Lv80.

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  1. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
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    Nice. But I think that the Rival final battles are a little much. Also, the Champion should be version-dependent, so that Steven is in the Ruby Remake, and Wallace in the Sapphire Remake.
  2. Owain's Avatar
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    about the champion part, i believe that would cause too much trouble on deciding who's the canon champion, but i'm already changing the rematch thing
  3. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
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    Of course, you realize, that there are people out there who are convinced every cartridge of Pokemon games is an alternate universe?

    Anyways, it would be fun to face Steven as an actual Champion, and not a side character like in Emerald.
  4. Owain's Avatar
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    yes i do, do i agree? Nope
    already edited the Rival's last battle


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