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My Favorite Anime Series P5

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by , 23rd January 2011 at 04:03 PM (211 Views)
Wolf's Rain:

Favorite Character(s): Hige, Blue, Cher, Hubb and Jaguara.
note: the series's Opening and Ending themes are in english.
Favorite Opening Theme: OP Stray.
Favorite Ending Theme: ED Gravity.
Main Character(s): Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Toboe, Cheza and Blue.
Main Antagonist: Lord Darcia III.

Description: This series is set in a world whose end is drawing near, in this world, wolves are Rare Creatures that possess many powers, however, they were hunted to extintion by humans, but unknowingly to them, Wolves still exist, but they use their illusory powers to disguise themselves as people, as to blend in among them, this story focus on a Pack's quest to find ''Paradise'', before the world ends, however, they face many hardships along the way, as a group of people, known as ''The Lords'', are fighting eachother for the Paradise's ''Ownership'', and the Pack of wolves that consist of, Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe, meet up with an artificially-created girl named Cheza, the virgin of the flower, as she is called, was made to find the Paradise's true location, they are later joined by Blue, a Half-Wolf who was owned by Quent Yaiden, a ex-sheriff who is hunting down the wolves, after Blue discovers that she is part Wolf.
Episodes: 26 + grand finale in 4 OVA's.

Gakko no Kaidan(Ghost stories in USA).

Favorite Character(s): Hajime Aoyama, Satsuki Miyanoshita, Momoko Koigabuko and Amanojaku.
Favorite Opening Theme: OP Grow Up.
Favorite Ending Theme: ED Sexy Sexy.
Main Character(s): Satsuki Miyanoshita, Keiichirou Miyanoshita, Hajime Aoyama, Momoko Koigabuko, Reo Kakinoki, Amanojaku.
Main Antagonist: Lord Ohma.

Fifth Grader, Satsuki Miyanoshita, has just moved into a new town, the hometown of her late Mother, she came along with her Father Reiichirou, and her Brother Keiichirou, upon arriving, she meets her new neighboor, Hajime Aoyama, who has a perverted habit of peeking into Satsuki's underwear, she then heads to her first day at her new school, a school who was once administred by her maternal Grandmother, and was also enrolled by her mother, Kayako Kamiyama; however, things don't go as expected because their pet black cat, Kaya, who Keiichirou brought to school because he still haven't made friends, runs away and ends up entering the old school building, Satsuki and Keiichirou then have to go after him, upon arriving there, they meet up with Hajime and his friend Reo Kakinoki, a ghost hunter wannabe, the group is then joined by the beautiful and smart sixth grader, Momoko Koigakubo, who went there to look for her beret, which flew into the old school's window, the group the progresses, however, they find all sorts of apparitions there, scared, the group, after finding Kaya, runs back to the entrance, however, a small imp-like ghost, named Amanojaku, locks them inside and grows by feeding on their fears, the group then escapes and in the Principal's room, they find an old diary, which belongs to no other than Satsuki's Mother, Kayako Miyanoshita, Maiden name, Kayako Kamiyama, in there, it reveals that the Kamiyama women enherit spiritual sealing powers, the diary also contains various entries that describe various ghosts that Kayako sealed when she was young, it also shows the method to seal them, the group then uses the Diary's instructions to seal Amanojaku, just in time, however, Amanojaku is sealed in Kaya's Body!
the story now focuses on the groups efforts to seal the Town's demons, who now have awakened...
Episodes: 20.
A Warning, do not watch the ADV dub, they stupidified the show.

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