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My Favorite Anime Series P3

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Favorite Character(s): Edward Elric, Lust and Roy Mustang.
Favorite Opening Theme: OP 4 Rewrite (2003 series), OP 3 Golden Time Lover (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Favorite Ending Theme: Ending 4 I Will(2003 Anime)
Main Character(s): Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric.
Main Antagonist: Dante and the Hommunculi(2003 series), Father and His Hommunculi (Brotherhood).

Fullmetal Alchemist is set in a fictional Paralell Universe to Earth, in this universe, along with science, another subject has evolved, the Alchemy, which is turning something into another, however, mass simply Cannot Change, and the thing you want to transform needs to have the same properties and compositions as the thing you want to have. This Anime Revolves around the story of the Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse, referred as Ed and Al, when they were young, their father, Hohenheim, left them and their mother, the brothers started learning Alchemy at that time, but their mother fell ill, and died shortly after, the two brothers, devasted, tried to learn how to bring Humans back to life, however, Ed learned that it was forbidden. Some time after that an Famous Alchemist, named Izumi Curtis, came to their town, Resembool, to help the townspeople with a rockslide, there, she showed the ability to use Alchemy without a transmutation Circle, which is needed to make an alchemic transmutation, the brothers then asked her to make them her apprentices, she acccepted. After their training was completed, the brothers came back to Resembool, and tried to revive their mother, however, the result was not her, it was an disfigurated creature, and as the brothers realized it, everything went white and some misteryous hands grabbed Al, and Ed's Left Leg , and passed him through a harsh light, Ed then realized that it had taken Al and His own Lef Leg for their mother, Ed then sacrifices his Right Arm in a Transmutation to Bring Al back, he succeeded, however Al's Body couldn't be brought back and so his soul had to be bound to a Armor, Al then Brought Ed's Blood-Covered body to the house of the family friend, and Surgeon, Pinako Rockbell, who along with her Granddaughter, Winry Rockbell, who is also the Brother's childhood friend. Pinako and Winry then install Prosthetic Limbs, known as Automail in Ed, so that he can have a right arm and Left leg again. Some days later they learn through the state Alchemist, Alchemist of the Flames, Roy Musttang, that they can use the Legendary Philosopher's stone to bring their bodies back, Ed then vows to become a state alchemist so the two can search for the Philosopher's stone, and while that they get caught up in a giant evil plan...
This series has two Anime Incarnations, Fullmetal Alchemist, or The 2003 series for the fandom, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It is like that because the first series was developing and airing fastly, and they reached a point when it caught up with the Manga, the creators couldn't hold back the story, and then it developed differently than the Manga's, however it still turned out great, in 2008, Brotherhood was made to follow up with the original story.
Episodes: 51, + movie Grand Finale, called: Fullmetal Alchemist: Conquerors of Shamballa(2003 series), 64(Brotherhood).

D. Gray-man

Favorite Character(s): Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee.
Favorite Opening Theme: Opening 3 Doubt & Trust
Favorite Ending: None:
Main Character(s): Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, Lavi, Arystar Krory III, Miranda Lotto and Yu Kanda.
Main Antagonist; Earl of the Millenium and the Noah Family.

Allen Walker is 15 Year-old Boy, that was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed "deformity" of his left arm (which was later revealed to be caused by his ''Innocence''). He was eventually found and adopted by a traveling performer named Mana Walker on Christmas Day. Some time later Mana died, and Allen, tormented with grief and manipulated by the Millennium Earl, turned Mana into an Akuma, hoping that his beloved surrogate father would be fully resurrected. But the Mana Akuma cursed Allen and sliced through his left eye, leaving the "Pentacle" the mark of the Akuma, which scars the left side of his face. This enabled his left eye to see the souls trapped within the Akuma from then on. It was at this same moment that Allen's left arm first invoked as an Anti-Akuma weapon, which instinctively destroyed the Mana Akuma.
He then meets with the Black Order General named Cross Marian, who explained all to him, and then told him that he would become his Apprentice, and after Allen Finished his training, he was sent to become an agent of the Black Order, where he met Lenalee Lee and Yu Kanda. the story focus on the Black Order's efforts to defeat Earl of the Millenium and the Noah Family, the Anime Series has already ended, but the Manga is still ongoing, but slowly, since it's author is recovering from severe injuries.
Episodes: 103.

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My Favorite Anime Series


  1. FullMetal's Avatar
    You have great taste in anime/manga. :D
  2. Kynn Master's Avatar
    I also love Roy Mustang, and indeed you have good taste
  3. Owain's Avatar
    Thank you both for commenting!


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