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Serperior's Versailles

My Favorite Anime Series P2

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Favorite Character(s): Yuko Ichihara.
Favorite Opening Theme: xxxHolic Kei OP Nobody Knows. (
Favorite Ending Theme: ED 2 Kagerou. (
Main Protagonists: Watanuki Kimihiro, Yuko Ichihara, Shizuka Doumeki and Himawari Kunogi.
Main Antagonist: Fei Wong Reed Doesn't make an actual appearence, only appears in its Sister Series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Description: Watanuki Kimihiro is a 19-year old student, but there's a catch, since he was young, he can see spirits, both good and bad, and apparently, they are attracted by Watanuki's Presence, often causing lots of trouble for him, in the beggining of the story, Watanuki is being chased by evil spirits, but they suddenly vanish as He touches a Wooden Fence, he then notices a strange looking store on the other side of the fence, and he enters it, after going through the hall and entering a Japanese styled room, he is greeted by a Misteryous and Beautiful Woman, and he immediately excuses himself for entering, but the woman says that he shouldn't because it was his predestination, or Hitsuzen, a well dicussed concept of this series, to com there, she then asks his name and his birthday, and after he tells her, she starts making assumptions about his life, all of them being true, the boy then asks her what kind of store this is, and she introduces herself by her Alias Yuko Ichihara, the witch of Dimensions, she then tells him that her store grants people's wishes, but there is always an equivalent price for them, she then offers Watanuki a job there in trade of his wish that Spirits stop causing him trouble. the story focuses on Watanuki's job at Yuko's store, meeting various different people and even creatures from the other world that use the store, and as Watanuki has to deal with the fact that Yuko is not nearly as Stoic as she seemeed and is an eccentric and Fun-Loving woman with various antics, and also shows Watanuki's interactions with Himawari Kunogi, his love interest and Shizuka Doumeki, his, one-sided on Watanuki's part, Rival. The series's name is pronounced as just holic, as xxx is used to refer to ____ Holic, like ''something Holic''.

Episodes: xxxHolic 24 Episodes, xxxHolic Kei 13 Episodes.

CardCaptor Sakura

Favorite Character(s): Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Lee.
Favorite Opening Theme: OP 3 Platinum. (
Favorite Ending Theme: None.
Main Character(s: Sakura Kinomoto, Syaoran Lee, Kero-Chan, Tomoyo Daidouji, Touya Kinomoto and Yukito Tsukishiro.
Main Antagonist: Various, Turned good.

Description: Sakura Kinomoto is an Athletic and Smart Fourth Grader, one day, she enters her father's library at her house's basement, and she feels an unusual presence coming from a certain book, as she opens it, various cards fly out of it, Sakura, startled by this wonders what's going on and then she sees a small figure, shaped like a small winge plush lion, coming out of the book's hollow center, the creature then starts to say that he's been in there for so long, he then greets Sakura and then asks her about the cards, after she tells him what happened, he flips and starts getting desperate, as he tells her that the cards are magical spirits trapped in cards, known as Clow Cards, named after their creator, The magician, Clow Reed, and that now they have all sorts of chances to wreck havoc upon the world, he introduces himself as Cerberus, the beast of the seal, and that now it's Sakura's job to awaken her magical power and trap the spirits in the cards again, and as she begins doing it, she is helped by her friend, Tomoyo Daidouji, who has a crush on her, but Sakura's Obliviousness causes her not to notice it, a few days later she meets a boy known as Syaoran Lee, who claims to be Clow Reed's descendant, and now she has to compete with him for the card's ownership, and against their growing mutual feelings for each other, as the series progresses and more secrets are revealed.
Episodes: 70.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Favorite Character(s): Syaoran, Fay D. Fluorite and Kurogane.
Favorite Opening Theme: Tsubasa Shunraiki OP Sonic Boom. (
Favorite Ending Theme: None.
Main Character(s): Syaoran Lee, Princess Sakura, Fay D. Fluorite, Kurogane and White Mokona.
Main Antagonist: Fei Wong Reed.

Description: this series is a sister series to both xxxHolic and CardCaptor Sakura, it begins in a Kingdom known as Clow Kingdom, where Princess Sakura is friends with an archeologist called Syaoran Lee, the same names and characterizations of the characters from CardCaptor Sakura, one day, they stumble upon misteryous Ruins in the Kingdom's border and as Sakura touches some strange markings, she grows wings and starts levitating, Syaoran Tries to protect her, but her wings then dissolve into various feathers and they all fly out, Syaoran the Picks Sakura up and rushes back to their kingdom, but in their way they are attacked by strange looking creatures, it is then that Sakura's brother and Current King, King Touya and The kingdom's head priest, Yukito Tsukishiro appear to protect them, Yukkto then tells Syaoran that those feathers were Sakura's Memories and life force, and to recover them he first has to go talk to the witch of dimensions, Yuko Ichihara, as the feather have now scattered throughout vatious dimensions, Yukito then teleports the duo there, and as they appear there, Syaoran Pleads to a Beautiful Woman and her assistants, to save Sakura, as he starts to explain what happened, she tells him that she already knows, and that it was their Predestination to come to her, just as she says this, two more persons then appear, one of them is a white-skinned Blonde guy and the other is a tanned and tall ninja, the blonde introduces himself as Fay D. Fluorite, and says that he needs to run away from his planet, going through Dimensions, the ninja introduces himself as Kurogane, and says that he has to go back to his planet, Yuko them has they travel together and says that there are prices for they to pay for their wishes, Kurogane's is to give her his prized sword, Ginryuu, Fay's is to give up on his Magical Power source, a tatoo on his back, and Syaoran's is that Sakura's memories of him will never return, he, who can do nothing about it accepts. Yuko then asks her assistant, Watanuki, to give her ''something'' from their storage, and he brings them a white Rabbit-like creature, known as Mokona, White Mokona, it is what allows them to travel between dimensions and sense Sakura's Feather, the group then departs...
Episodes: 52, 42 of the plot + 3 OVA's, 2 more OVA's and is currently ongoing, episodes 43-52, provide an alternate ending.

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