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Serperior's Versailles


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by , 7th January 2012 at 02:58 PM (280 Views)
I had one, for a comic/strip, it deals with the blind hate that the so-called, ''old-school fans'' have against new generations, i'm thinking of using P!nk's ''Dear Mr. President'', making a pokémon version of it, as in ''Dear First Gen Fan''.

Buuuuut, i'm kind of worried about the hypothetical backlash this could make... So, could you help me deciding?

Should i do it? I'll probably post it on Memebase if i ever get around to doing it.

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  1. crystallineEntropy's Avatar
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    Yes, do it. Those super old school fans are annoying.
  2. Owain's Avatar
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    Completely annoying, and nice Ghirahim BTW.
  3. Baron Brixius's Avatar
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    A lot of stuff on Memebase causes backlash, so go for it.


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