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  1. Fan Theory: Cocytus

    a theory just hit me, i, of course, wanted to check it, and share it with you, it may not be the best idea ever but here it goes...

    ''when GenV was announced, people constantly brought up the question: ''they Created a God Pokémon [Arceus], how will they top that? (even thought they don't need to), many people joked about the idea of a Devil Pokémon, as to oppose Arceus, that got me thinking... what if they DID create a Devil Pokémon, and what better place to hide something than ...

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  2. Random Theory: Lance's not a Cheater?

    yes, about the Dragonites, i was thinking about them today and it hit me, wasn't Lance hanging around Mahogany Town in the games? you know, Team Rocket was using Evolution waves on that place, making Magikarps evolve into Gyaradosi(sp?), couldn't Lance have been training his Dragonairs there, and they got exposed to the waves?

    oh, and while we are on the subject, his Dragonite that knows barrier, which the species cannot learn, well, it couldn't learn Extremespeed either, but somehow ...
  3. Best Quotes Regarding the Third Version Mess

    i'll start this clearly, i don't believe in any way that there won't be a third version, to me that is PURE, BAD-SMELLING, BURNED, BULLSHIT
    and here i'll post the best quotes regarding this.

    Sunyshore's (ttp://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/member.php?u=11288)


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  4. Why do People Despise the new Pokémon's designs?

    I'm Sure you know, or even share the oppinions, that with each new Generatiom, a portion of the fandom, mostly the ones who don't know much about the subject at all, go on a crazed rage criticising the new pokémon's designs, saying things like: ''They are running out of ideas...'', ''They don't feel like the original 151 anymore...'' or ''their horribly designed!, they're not even trying anymore!''; but you know that about some months later they will get used to the new ones, i think it's okay ...
  5. My ideas about the RSEmakes

    i've already posted on its respective thread, but i felt like sharing and asking for oppinions again

    Remaining Features:
    *Frontier Tents and likewise return of Scott.
    *Emerald Storyline and advances.
    *Battle Frontier.
    *Both Teams, Magma and Aqua.
    *Rayquaza is the focus and the availability of both Kyogre and Groudon.
    *Dive as a HM.
    *Steven as the Champion.
    *Same Elite Four members. ...

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